17 Top Secret Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

New homes, in particular, can suffer from a lack of space as houses are packed together on housing estates. Not that it is necessarily a bad thing as people need to get on the housing ladder and a smaller, cheaper home, is often the first step.

We would all love a spacious kitchen as the one in the image; perhaps one day it will be possible. For now, however, we will have to make the most of what we have.

In this article, you will find 17 ideas that can help make your kitchen seem larger or make the most of the space you have.


1. Decorate your room with bright color. Using darker colors will make the walls close in and give a shrinking effect to the room.

2. There is a lot of wasted space above your wall mounted kitchen cupboards. Find a way to use and organize it. The wine rack or pop bottles can be stored up high.

3. Thinking along the lines of number 2, install tall cupboards that reach right up to the ceiling.

4. Open the window area up to more light by removing curtains and fitting a roller blind instead. Roller blinds are very inconspicuous when rolled up.

5. Fit glossy cabinet doors. Bouncing light around the room is a valuable tool.

6. Use led down lights that are available from www.wattlite.co.uk and many other high quality lighting suppliers online, to light the dark areas below wall cupboards.

7. If you have a table and chairs in your kitchen, replace them with a breakfast bar and stools.

8. Replace the door to your kitchen with a glass paneled alternative.

9. Use glass, or even a mirrored splash back to fool the eye and reflect light.

10. Fit new cupboard doors and drawer fronts without handles. New catches mean handles are no longer needed. Simply push to close them and then push to spring them open.

11. Remove all clutter. A messy kitchen will seem smaller than a clean one of the same size. Try to use eco-friendly cleaning products or make your own. Lemon juice mixed with an equal amount of water is a powerful, natural, concoction.

12. Utilize the latest in storage solutions within your cupboards. Properly organized cupboards can fit much more in them than disorganized ones. There are some ingenious solutions out there.

13. There is valuable space wasted below the cupboards. Remove the kickboards and fit drawers or boxes that can be pulled out. You will be surprised how much space there is under there.

14. Create free space in your cupboards by utilizing wall mounted solutions for mugs, cutlery, etc. A bar on the wall with hooks can be very useful.

15. Open storage such as racking can look very good in the modern kitchen. Commercial solutions are particularly well suited here.

16. Hang pans from a ceiling mounted rack. This is a trick used by the professionals so they can quickly access their pans.

17. If you have no utility room, banish the washing machine and tumble dryer to the garage or shed. They take up a surprising amount of space and can spoil your relaxation with the noise they make.

It’s as simple as that. Some may call these points common sense, however, sometimes they need stating. Soon enough, by applying some, or all of the suggestions above, your kitchen can achieve a bright and airy feel. There are hundreds of other little designer tricks you can apply. All you need is a little imagination.

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