3 Tips to make caring for your cat easier

Whoever said dog is a man’s best friend must have never owned a cat.  Cats make great friends and family pets too.  With cats, you can create small systematic ways to make caring for your pet effortless.  The best cat care routine makes it easy for your little furry friend to manage herself with a little attention here and there as you are taking care of daily chores in your home. 

Three key ways to make caring for your cat easier are:

  1. Feed them consistently
  2. Give them tools for their instinctive impulses
  3. Install a technology-enabled safe pet door 

Feed them consistently

3 Tips to make caring for your cat easierWith processed food abundantly available for pets as it is for humans, it is possible for them to develop some of the same problems that humans can due to over eating.  To make sure that your cat stays healthy and fit, create a feeding schedule and stick to it.  Give your cat portions that are suitable based on the instructions from your veterinarian.  Place that amount in their food bowl each day—no more and no less.  It is not healthy for cats to gain a lot of weight and it also is not healthy for them to lose a lot of weight very quickly.  Try to stay away from giving your cat human food as well.  A few scraps won’t harm them but if you do it too often it can become a habit.  Also, instead of milk, give your cat water.  Milk, despite being labeled a cats favorite treat, is hard for your furry friend to digest.


Give them tools for their instinctive impulses

Cats in the wild are made to scratch and claw to mark their territory.  Your cat has been domesticated, of course, but those natural and instinctive impulses to claw and scratch do not go away.  Make sure you keep a climbing tree and scratching post for your cat so that they have a way to feel good by doing feline things.  Without these tools in place, you just may come home to find a chair or sofa tattered.  Locate the scratching post nearby places that your cat likes to climb. Pay attention to the areas in your home that they seem most naturally drawn to and place their scratching posts and litter there. Ultimately, it makes them happier and your care for them easier if you can accommodate their natural behaviors.

Install a technology-enabled safe pet door so they can roam freely

Some cats like to roam about freely and others like to stay put.  If you have one cat, it’s easy to accommodate their preferences. If you have more than one different natured cat, you may have found yourself with a dilemma.  You can make it simple and easy for yourself whether you have one cat or many by installing a technology-enabled safe pet door. These doors work with smart chip technology to lock or unlock the pet door only for the cats that you want to be able to go in and out. This means that no other pets from the neighborhood can intrude and only your cat is able to get in and out as they need to.  This makes exercise simple for them and easy for you. Plus you can be sure your home will not be shredded when you get home from work!

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