5 Amazing Bedroom interior Design Tips to Make You Go Wow!

The bedroom is arguably the most important room in the house. It has to be functional yet attractive and places where we can relax and let the world pass us by. Families are created in there, and it is a room to which we head when feeling ill.

Bedrooms are often overlooked when we are renovating our homes. New kitchens and bathrooms, we are told, add value to our homes and there is a certain amount of one-upmanship in our circles when acquiring those new rooms. The bedroom, however, isn’t as obvious to our friends and family so often the design and decor will suffer, as a result.

It’s time your bedroom got the attention it has been craving. You can’t rest properly amongst all of that clutter so give the bathroom and kitchen a rest by starting your next project here.

Here are 5 of my top tips by which you can create your own sultry boudoir right in your own home.



Are your wardrobes sagging and past their best? Perhaps it is time for a brand new, built in unit. There may be a recess in your room that is an obvious place to house a fitted wardrobe, or maybe you are able to section off a corner of the room, It could even be feasible to build a unit along an entire wall. The bigger the unit, the better. No-one can relax properly in a cluttered room. A huge wardrobe will go a long way to solving this problem. Simply frame the unit with timber and fit new doors using hinges available from online retailers of hardware supplies. There are many solutions available for storage within your new fitted wardrobe too. Organize those shoes!


Now all of the clutter is dealt with clothes and shoes are well organized, it is time to start adding luxurious touches to your room. A thick pile carpet will feel incredible underfoot when getting up on a cold morning. The Bedroom is no place for laminate flooring.


Subconsciously, vivid yellow or lime walls can have an effect on your good night’s sleep. Choose natural tones or deep, rich colors that will create a moody atmosphere and create great light and shadow effects. Bright colors can be introduced in accessories such as throws or scatter cushions.


The bed is the most important piece of furniture in the home. Can you afford a new stylish piece such as the one in the image? Maybe you could add vertical and horizontal timbers to your existing bed frames to create a four poster that can then be draped with opulent materials that shout quality. Buying a memory foam mattress will probably be one of the best purchases you ever make. A good nights sleep is good for body mind and soul, so splash out on the best one you can afford.


If you have used the sultry tones suggested above to color your bedroom, you now have an excellent setting for lighting effects. Use recessed ceiling lights with a dimmer switch for the main lighting and a selection of table lamps for creating mood. Don’t just stick to the bedside table for your lamps, place them in corners or behind furniture to create rising shadows. Install good task lighting either side of the main mirror to help when preparing for the day ahead.

Renovating your bedroom can be done for only a fraction of the cost of a new kitchen or bathroom but can give you a better quality of life. Being in comfortable surroundings brings peace and tranquility that is a factor in treating anxiety or depression. The work can often be carried out in just one weekend, so if you are looking for a quick project to carry out, this one is for you. Sleep tight!

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