5 Interior Decorating Tips for Waterfront Homes

Waterfront homes are often the most desirable piece of real estate. Many people will pay lots of money just for the spectacular views and the convenience to great water activities and access. If you are lucky enough to have a home with a waterfront view, you will want to play up these features and make your home the best it can be, from the inside out! Here are 5 interior decorating tips for waterfront homes.

  1. First, be sure to create an unobstructed view of the water. This is what people pay the big bucks for, and you will want to make sure that all views of the water are the focal points of your rooms. Keep windows clean, and limit window treatments to the absolute minimum so that you can always see out. You may also consider installing roman shades that can be rolled down when you want privacy, but can be rolled up completely for a clear view of the water.
  2. Coordinate the inside of your home with the outside. Having natural, outdoor elements can give your waterfront home a comfortable, unique look and feel. If you are near the beach, incorporate sea shells into your interior’s decor. You can have seashells in a decorative glass bowl as a coffee table centerpiece. You may also hang star fish on the walls of your bathroom! Homes on a lake can hang a canoe on the wall or even an oar! These tiny details make your home special and inviting.
  3. When choosing flooring, invest in the best and most durable options. Often you and your guests will end up tracking in dirt or sand from the beach or the lake. You will want the flooring to be easy to clean and you will want to make sure it can stand up to lots of use and wear.
  4. Tie your color scheme into the colors outside. If you have a view of the blue water, try to tie in hints of blue or sea foam green for a cohesive, flowing look. Lakeside homes can also include shades of blue but may also choose to include colors like brown and green. This helps to create the illusion that the outdoors are an extension of your home and indoor living space.
  5. Buy sturdy furniture that can stand up to waterfront living. Make sure to buy products that are easy to clean. Leather is a great option is you are able to keep it dry. Another option is to use slip covers on furniture like chairs and couches. This way to can easily take off the cover to clean in the washing machine when needed.

Living in a home with a waterfront view is a spectacular privilege. Be sure to play up this magnificent view as best you can with interior design tips and tricks. You can also look at other home design ideas on LakeHomes.com. Be sure to keep views and windows open and unobstructed, coordinate your color scheme inside with the outdoor view, buy sturdy flooring and furniture, and integrate outdoor elements inside such as seashells or rowboat oars!

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