5 Passive Cooling Tips for An Eco-Friendly Home

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If you’re someone who is passionate about the environment, then it’s a pretty fair bet that you are also a person who is constantly looking for ways to be energy efficient. Not only does taking this approach reduce the amount of electricity and water that you use, but ultimately, it also helps you to save money too.

So, as we’re gearing up for another summer, if you’re curious to know about some of the passive cooling tips that you can apply to your eco-friendly home, we’ve actually got five great ones for you to check out below:

Paint your roof. Hands down, one of the most overlooked ways to cool your house is to paint your roof. Sure, initially it might seem a bit strange, but just think about it for a moment. Our roofs are the main thing that help to protect our home from the sun’s rays, right? And being that darker colors only absorb heat and since a lot of us have black or dark brown roofing, it makes perfect sense why our houses would be warmer during the summer. So, one way to avoid that is to paint your roof white. You can read more about the benefits of white roofs by visiting WhiteRoofProject.org.

Tint your windows. Typically, when most of us think about window tinting, it’s in the context of tinting car windows. But the reality is that it’s quite effective for house windows too. Not only does window tinting how to keep the sun from making the rooms of your house warmer, but it also prevents your furniture and flooring from fading. Also, it increases your privacy by making it possible for you to look outside of your windows without others being able to look in, making it a smart home investment all the way around.

Change your window treatments. Although natural lighting is always great, if you are experiencing a particularly harsh summer, our recommendation is that you change your window treatments by either installing some wide blinds or by putting up some heavy curtains; ones that will help to block the sun out until the sun sets.

Add some ceiling fans. If it’s time for you to replace your HVAC unit and you’ve been reading tips on selecting your heating and cooling system , if it happened to be on an energy-efficiency website such as Energy.gov, one of the things that it might have also mentioned is the fact that something else that you can do to keep your home cooler at a cheaper cost is to install some ceiling fans. By turning them on, you can easily reduce the temperature inside the rooms of your house by as much as 5-7 degrees.

Plant a few trees. If you’re looking for a way to beautify your landscape while keeping your house cooler in the process, we definitely recommend that you plant some more trees in front of your windows. It will help to shield the rooms of your house from the sun. And if you choose a tree like the evergreen, it will also help to protect your house from the brisk air in the wintertime too. For more information on how planting trees is a great way to conserve energy, visit ArborDay.org and put “plant trees to conserve energy” in the search field.

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