5 Tips for Reclaiming Wasted Space in Your Home

Reclaiming Wasted Space

Whether you’ve found that there is a lot of space in your home that isn’t being used or the space is being misused, you might be looking for ways to reclaim the areas of your home that could be changed or updated to better suit your needs. And all you have to do is pinpoint parts of your home that aren’t functioning properly space-wise so that you can figure out how to utilize them appropriately. Here are just a few tips to get you on track.

Reclaiming Wasted Space

  1. Declutter. Nearly everyone can use another room in their home, so if you turned your son’s bedroom into storage when he went off to college or the smallest room in the house has become a receptacle for overflow, consider what clearing the space and renovating could mean for you. Whether you move your boxes to the garage or you actually take the time to go through them in order to trash or donate the items you’ll never use again, you could turn that extra space into a guest room, a home office, a game room, a yoga retreat, a man cave, or any number of other bonus rooms that the family doesn’t currently enjoy. Heck, you could even knock down a wall to increase the size of the master bedroom, add an en suite, or create the enormous walk-in closet you’ve always dreamed of. With just a little effort for cleaning and decluttering you could open a lot of usable space. And some renovations could definitely add the wow factor.
  2. Make the best use of existing cabinets. If you’ve come into a situation where there is wasted cabinet space (in the corners, for example), you may find yourself frustrated by your inability to access available storage. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions that will help you to make hidden cabinet space more usable. If you’re not interested in the major cost of renovating and adding more functional cabinetry, you’ll probably want to consider adding lazy Susans to corner spaces so that you don’t have to contort yourself to reach the items you’ve stashed there. You could also install pull-out drawers or shelves inside of cabinets so that you don’t have to strain to reach items at the back. If kitchen cabinets are tall you can use stacking shelves to double the surface area, and for bedrooms, bathrooms, and office space you can also consider bins to neatly store items, reducing clutter and increasing storage potential.
  3. Add built-ins. If you’re lucky enough to have plenty of space in your home, but storage is an issue, the easy solution is to add more. And built-ins can help to provide you with the finished look that will make the best use of your extra space. You can, of course, save some money by adding stand-alone shelving, cabinetry, or other storage options. But if you have extra space that’s not being used, built-ins are going to create a polished appearance and they could help you to sell your home and get a better price down the line.
  4. Use overhead space. People sometimes forget that there’s more to a home than its square footage. So when you run out of places to add more bureaus, cabinets, armoires, and so on at the floor level, look up to see where you can go next to extend your storage. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets in bedrooms can offer ample space for storing clothing and accessories (and even provide space for a television or vanity), while actually opening up square footage.
  5. Finish out basement or attic space. If you need more livable space in your home, you may be able to find it in the basement or the attic, but only if the spaces are finished, meaning they have appropriate insulation, drywall, and finishing touches like carpeting, electricity, lighting, and so on. And you’ll also have to run ductwork for central air. If you pay attention to tips for better indoor air quality, this means adding ventilation, as well. But the end result will be a surplus of space that can make your home more livable.

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