5 Ways to Prep Your Home Before Going on Vacation

Home Before Going on Vacation

As the summer gets closer and closer, many people are making plans to go out of town. If this sounds like you, there is a good chance that you are trying to figure out what to do with your home before you leave. The last thing you want is to be fretting about your home while you are trying to relax on the beach and decompress. Well, there are a lot of things you can do to prepare your home. Also, most of the prep work is easy – provided that you plan ahead and create a strategy. Here are five ways to prep your home before going on vacation.

  1. Home Before Going on VacationMake sure that you unplug everything. Statistics show that a majority of fires are a result of electrical malfunction, but the risk can be even greater when the homeowner is not actually home. So, if you have a bunch of appliances plugged into one outlet, you could be creating a potentially dangerous situation. It is critical that you take measures to unplug each and every appliance, especially power strips and other outlets that are connected to more than one device.
  2. Make sure that you clean and seal your ductwork. The benefits of duct cleaning are endless, but one of the biggest advantages is that it will remove dirt and dander from your ductwork. After a while, this dirt and dander can build up to the point where it spreads all over your home when you turn on your HVAC unit. So, before you leave town, you may want to think about having your ductwork cleaned and then place a seal over the registers to prevent dust and dander from reentering.
  3. Make sure that you hire someone to feed your plants and pick up your mail when you are gone. Mail piling up on your front stoop is one of the biggest signs that someone is out of town. If there is a good sized pile, you are pretty much telling a burglar that your house is empty and you won’t be back for a few weeks. So, make sure to hire someone to pick up the mail and to put it in a safe place. You can also have this person water all your plants as well.
  4. Make sure that you clean out your kitchen of any perishables. There is a good chance that your fridge is full of perishables, so to prevent animal infestations and pungent odors, simply throw out these items before you go on vacation. You may also want to seal other food items – to keep them fresh and to prevent pests. For good measure, you may also want to unplug your fridge.
  5. Make sure to cover all your furniture. By placing sheets on all your furniture, you can prevent dust and debris from falling and building up. Not only can dust be a nuisance – it can also be bad for your health. So, by covering your furniture, you can come home to clean, fresh furniture – just the way you left it.

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