5 Ways to Prevent Termites From Infesting Your Home

No matter what the pest may be, none of us want to see them in our home. But if there’s one in particular that we definitely don’t want to discover in any rooms of our house, it would have to be termites. That’s because these wood-eating insects have been known to do structural damage; the kind can end up costing several thousand dollars.

Infesting Your Home

So, if you’re looking for a few tips on ways to prevent termites from infesting your home, we’ve got five great suggestions for you below:

Keep wood from touching the ground. Something that a lot of us might be surprised to know is that when wood is touching the ground (meaning the soil), that is a perfect way for termites to get all of the food, shelter and even moisture that they need. So, if you happen to have some chopped wood that is close to your home, our recommendation is that you move it several feet away as soon as possible. That will decrease your chances of having termites close enough to enter your home.

Minimize your moisture. Something else that termites like is moisture. So, if you happen to have any standing water outside of your home, we recommend that you cover it up with sand or dirt. And when it comes to the inside of your house, check your pipes, sink and toilet every few months for any signs of leaks. Also, if you have a washer and dryer in your basement, look around them both after each load, just to be sure that there are no pools of water around the appliances.

Keep humidity from crawl spaces. Speaking of moisture, it’s also a good idea to keep humidity from your crawl spaces. You can do this by installing 4-6 ml polyethylene sheeting over the soil’s surface. That should help to keep your crawl spaces nice and dry.

Opt for rubber instead of wood mulch. Something that’s a great snack for termites is mulch. And while we know that you may rely on wooden mulch in order to care for your lawn and gardens, we have an alternative that will still benefit your yard and also help to keep termites away: rubber mulch. Rubber still gives your yard great protection but the added benefit is that it’s not something that termites particularly like to be around. You can purchase rubber mulch at websites like Rubber Mulch.

Have your house professionally treated annually. Something else that you definitely should do is have your home inspected on an annual basis. That way, if you do happen to have termites in your home and it’s in the early stages, the exterminator can get rid of termites in your house quickly and effectively. In some cases, they might recommend that you use something like Powederpost Beetle Control Treatments and Spray in between visits, just as a preventative measure. Either way, it’s always worth it to have a professional check your home for termites. For more information on how to find a licensed professional, visit your favorite search engine and put “licensed termite company” along with your city and state in the search field.

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