All That Glitters is Old – Inside the Auction House

Owning a piece of antique jewellery can afford a timeless beauty to any look. Aside from simply being beautiful pieces, there are other reasons someone would want to go to an auction house to purchase antique jewellery.

Auction HouseFashion Benefits
Antique jewellery is very different from modern styles of jewellery worn today. Wearing antique jewellery gives a sense of individuality or uniqueness. Jewellery from older time periods also rarely looks out of place with modern day fashion trends. There is a certain appeal to pairing beautiful antique pieces with newer fashion for an eclectic look.

Economic Benefits
From a purely economic standpoint, antique jewellery is a great investment. Precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum tend to keep their value in the long run, even during harsh economic times. These days, more stress is put on gemstones in modern day jewellery than the metal. Because the value of the metal was of higher importance in antique jewellery, it makes a great investment to buy sell swapthat will retain its value over time.

Sentimental Value
Aside from retaining economic value, there can be sentimental value attached to antique jewellery as well. Jewellery makes great heirloom pieces and can be passed down from generation to generation. Women wearing precious jewellery that had been their mother’s, grandmother’s, or great-grandmother’s piece of jewellery is not new. Many pleasant memories of the previous owner can be preserved by passing antique jewellery on to future generations.

How to Acquire Antiques in the Melbourne Area
Purchasing and selling from an auction houseis much easier than it may seem. Many antique pieces are bought and sold in auction rooms. In the past, this transaction had to be done in person, but these days there are online sites that allow for discreet, convenient bidding.

Purchasing antique jewellery has many benefits – both economical and sentimental. In Melbourne, it’s easy to get your hands on these beautiful pieces by visiting local auctions, or using one of many online auction sources to buy sell swap a piece that is perfect for you.

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