Automatic Misting Systems Eliminate Mosquitoes & Ticks

Installing automatic misting systems for mosquito control is a relatively unknown method of insect control that works well to protect your property from a variety of insect pests. They are on duty 24/7, effective, and work without much attention from you.

How Automatic Misting Systems Work

Similar in operation to some irrigation systems, insect control misting systems consist of a small (less than a cubic foot) reservoir/pumping station, inconspicuous nylon tubing, and nickel-plated corrosion-resistant nozzles placed strategically around your yard, patio, or wherever you want coverage.

A timer-controlled pump releases a 30-second mist 2 – 4 times a day, killing and repelling mosquitoes, ticks, spiders, and other insect pests. A small key-fob style remote allows the homeowner to cancel programmed sprays if they wish (such as in heavy rains, where they would be ineffective), or add an unscheduled spray if desired in preparation for an outdoor event.

Safe For Children And Pets

The two most commonly used pesticides in misting systems are Pyrethrin and Permethrin. Both degrade quickly, are water-soluble, and are non-toxic to people and animals, though you’ll want to keep them away from fish ponds. Because they break down so easily, they cannot build up and are not harmful to the environment. Pyrethrin is natural, extracted from members of the chrysanthemum plant family, and Permethrin is the man-made version of the same natural chemical compounds.

Direct application to the skin or eyes may cause minor irritation, and it should be rinsed off with water if this happens.

What This Does To Mosquitoes

The initial effect on mosquitoes is as a nerve toxin, paralyzing them before killing them. When mosquitoes encounter a non-lethal dose, such as delivered by mosquito coils, it prevents them from biting and repels them.

Misting Controls Several Insect Pests

Automatic misting controls mosquitoes, biting flies, ticks, fleas, termites, and cockroaches. Automatic Misting Replaces Other Mosquito Control Methods

In an area that is protected by an automatic misting system, there is no need to apply mosquito repellent or fog the area with aerosols. Mosquito coils, smelly mosquito lamps and citronella can become artifacts of the past. And it’s automatic, so it doesn’t need the attention that these other methods once required.

If you are tired of fogging your yard manually, applying smelly repellents to yourself and your family, and fighting with fleas and ticks on your pets whenever they come in from your yard, then acquiring and using one of the automatic misting systems for mosquito control in your neighborhood may be the best option for you.

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