Barbour ABI’s latest Economic and Construction Market Review

Transport companies UK may be in high demand at present thanks to the increasingly buoyant nature of the country’s construction sector.

Meanwhile, the services of haulage specialists operating in the north-west of England may be particularly sought after at present. According to Barbour ABI’s latest Economic and Construction Market Review, there has been a surge in building contracts in the region.

Facts and figures

The research revealed that the value of construction contracts in the north-west rose by 9.3 per cent in November to £138 million. These agreements accounted for almost a quarter (23.5 per cent) of the overall contracts awarded for the sector.

It was also revealed that the north-west was responsible for 12 per cent of all construction contracts awarded. This put the region in second place behind London and the East of England, which took 17 per cent of all works.

Major projects like the building of Travis Perkins’ new 700,000 square-foot base at Omega in Warrington have helped to buoy the north-west.

The market review also showed an overall growth in UK construction activity of 6.8 per cent from October to November. Meanwhile, the year-on-year country-wide rise was 56.5 per cent.

Strong performance

Responding to the findings, lead economist at Barbour ABI Michael Dall said: “The figures highlight strong performance in the industrial sector overall, but particularly in the north-west where this type of construction appears to be booming. This is a positive sign for the region, which is already well respected for its long tradition of industrial innovation.

“It’s great to see investment in the area from the likes of Aldi and Travis Perkins, and hopefully this will continue as more businesses in the industrial sector recognise the benefits of the north-west as a centre for construction projects.”

Attention to detail

When it comes to construction projects of all kinds, regardless of where they are based around the world, attention to detail is crucial. The logistics involved in the building industry can be complex and varied, and firms have to keep their eye on the ball at all times if they are to avoid problems.

For example, it is crucial that construction companies ensure they have access to suitable haulage companies UK when necessary. Being able to move equipment and supplies around quickly and effectively can help to make or break the success of projects.

Heading online

Increasingly, bosses are heading online when they are seeking services of this kind. By perusing their options over the web, managers can save themselves considerable time and hassle. The process of arranging the necessary transport takes a matter of moments and firms can benefit from impressive value for money if they know where to look. Saving cash where possible is particularly important at present while trading conditions remain highly competitive across the UK.

By ensuring that they have this aspect of their projects under control, bosses stand to make their lives that little bit easier and they can help to minimise the risk that problems will occur.

About the Author – Anna Longdin is a freelance blogger who has written extensively on the subject of construction for a range of websites, including David Watson Transport.

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