Creating the Perfect Bathroom: Your Oasis at Home


Decorating any room in your home can be quite challenging, but bathroom renovation can be especially tricky. This is because bathrooms are typically the smallest room in the home and there is a lot of piping and fixtures that may limit your design options. This does not mean that you cannot create the bathroom that you have always wanted. With some careful planning and proven design tips, you can create the perfect bathroom oasis in your home. 


The Perfect Floorplan

The first step is to design a floorplan that will work best for your bathroom space. Naturally, you have to consider the plumbing fixture already installed in your bathroom, so you may not have many options when it comes to where to place you shower, sink and/or commode. You can, however, determine their size and shape, and if you want to include a linen closet inside or outside the bathroom. Think about how you use your bathroom space and create a floorplan the will enhance this use.

The Right Color

The color of your bathroom is another important feature. If you are looking for a relaxing space, you should consider lighter colors, such as light blues or greens. This will create a tranquil feeling in your space. Lighter colors are also good to use if you have a smaller bathroom and want to make it look and feel larger. This is because lighter colors are able to reflect the light in the room, while darker colors actually absorb the light making the space look smaller. If, however, you have a larger bathroom, you can use the darker colors for a more cozy feeling.

Go for Luxury

If you want to create the perfect oasis in your bathroom be sure to add at least one or two special luxury feature, such as marble counters, heated flooring, a sunken tub, or a sound system. Think about ways to optimize your bathroom space in a way that will feel and look special while still being functional for your needs. If you shower early in the morning, nice heated floors may be the perfect addition for cold winter days. If, on the other hand, you enjoy taking long bath, a new sound system would be perfect for helping you relax in the tub.


The best way to pull the entire look of your bathroom together is to add the right accessories to your space. The shower curtain is often the most important accessory you can add to the room, and it may even become the focal point of the entire space. New and fresh bathroom curtains can really do a lot to spruce up any bathroom. Think about your color scheme and the theme you want for your room when selecting the right shower curtains for your bathroom oasis. Also, consider added gold fixtures to the sink and tub for a touch of elegance, or extra mirrors to make the space look larger.

Lighting Tips

Lighting is another important feature of any bathroom design. Be sure to add task lighting near the shower and sink area because you will need to extra light to help you get ready in the morning. You may also want to include some accent lighting that can be used when the bathroom is not in use or when relaxing in the tub.

These tips will help you create a luxurious bathroom oasis right in your own home. The most important thing to remember is to plan out your floor space and colors before you start your redesign. This will prevent the need to go back and make any changes after starting your renovations. Once your bathroom is completed, you can relax in your new oasis and appreciate the unique touches that make it the perfect space just for you.

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