Decorative Concrete Designs: Make Your Patio Look Great

When most people think of concrete, they often picture a plain, gray slab with either a completely smooth or somewhat rough texture. However, concrete can be much more exciting than the boring square that makes up your driveway. With today’s technology, landscapers are able to create new, creative designs and colors with concrete, giving their customers a quality product that takes little maintenance and is much more economical than other alternatives. You may be surprised with the variety of designs concrete landscapers have to offer!

Stone Stamping

            The process used to make concrete into the pattern of your choice is called stamping. Arguably the most popular type of stamping done is stone stamping. There are a variety of different types of stone designs, including cobblestone, York stone, river stone, natural stone, limestone, and sandstone. Unlike actual stone, these concrete stamps require little upkeep, take less time to put in place, and are overall more economical than the actual thing. The best part is your guests won’t even know the difference!

Wood Stamping

            Want those expensive wood floors without the price? Decorative concrete landscapers are able to stamp your patio or other areas to have the same texture and look as interlocking pine planks. This allows you to have that elegant “wood” flooring outdoors without having to worry about water or other elements ruining it.

Pattern Stamping

            If you aren’t going for the natural look, landscapers often also offer more creative designs for customers who are looking for a more unique look. This could be anything from flowers to shapes or random textures. Consult your local landscaper to discover what they have in stock that best fits your taste.

Concrete Staining

            Whether you decide to go with a concrete stamp, or want to stick to plain, flat concrete, staining the concrete is a great way to add a luxury look to your patio. Landscapers have a wide variety of staining options, including lighter stains, darker stains, one color, multiple colored designs, and everything in between. The best part about staining is that it seeps into the concrete, creating a fade-free, permanent color. It will never chip away or peel like paint and other products.  Staining tends to make your designs look more like the stone or wood that it is imitating, making it almost impossible to tell the difference.

            The best part of decorative concrete is it never has to be boring. You can pick whatever designs and colors fit best in your backyard and the vision you have for it. Landscapers have the ability to border your patio with a different design than the middle, or color the outside of the design differently than the center of the patio. If you aren’t extremely picky or creative, your local landscaper can help brainstorm with you to come up with the perfect design and stain that will work for your specific backyard. Consult your local landscaper today to start turning that patio into something you can be proud of!

Written by Robert Thompson, owner of TLC Lawncare& Landscaping, where they are one of the preferred concrete contractors Columbia MO has to offer. When it comes to decorative or stamped patios, TLC is here to help!

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