DIY Home Theater: Creating a Multifunctional Space

While it is some peoples dream to create a lavish home theater in an empty room of their home, most people do not have the budget do so. Often times it is easier to create this home theater in a space that can be multifunctional. The best place to create the home theater is in your own living room. In this space there are already a number of the important features needed for a home theater.

Since the living room is already a space that brings the family or guests together, it is the perfect spot to create a home theater for gatherings. With the living room already containing a flat screen television equipped with cable companies that provide you with discounts like, encompassing all the entertainment features. A large amount of comfortable seating is also available in this space. There are only a few touches that will create the ultimate home theater within the living room giving the room the ability to have several different functions.

Sound System

A surround sound system is an addition to the living area that can turn it into a home theater at the snap of a finger. Placing speakers around the room will immerse viewers into another world. This is also perfect for having guests over for the big game. A good sound system can have a multiuse for your home theater experience or just a night watching your favorite show or the big game.


Since the living room has many functions, adding a dimmer to the space is ideal. With a dimmer switch, you can set the lighting to any specific use of the room in that moment. Keep the lights all the way up for regular living room activities and gatherings. Or you can turn the lights all the way off for a night in watching a film with the family.


While a living room is already equipped with comfortable seating, it is important to make sure that any spot has a great view of the screen. If this is not the case, some rearranging might have to be done to create the ultimate multifunctional space. If there is not enough seating space within the room it might be beneficial to create more within the room.

Set Up

Once the room has all the essential features, it is important to arrange the room to get the most out of its function. The television and seating should be in conjunction with one another. With a large amount of electronics there are bound to be a bunch of wires throughout the room. These should be creatively hidden or completely out of the way so that children or adults do not trip on them. Slight arrangement and hidden wires will be the finishing touches on the living room.

To make your living room a multifunctional space, a good sound system and dimmer lighting need to be added. Screen placement and seating are also important features of the space. Once the room is set up to be able to incorporate its many functions, you can turn your living room into a home theater at the snap of a finger. A living room should be used for many functions that bring everyone together.


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