Do It Yourself Interior Decorating on a Budget

Are you tired of staring at the same decor day after day but scared to change your home’s look because you do not have a huge wad of cash to throw at the project? A few simple tips can help you revamp your entire home without breaking your budget. 

Take some advice on decorating on a budget from design experts like Nick Olsen, who was recently interviewed on the CNN website. 

Rearrange to Redesign your Space

Small changes, such as lowering the artwork in your bedroom to eye level, for example, can make a huge change in the overall look of your interior space. Think about clustering artwork in one or two spots, as opposed to having one picture on each wall. 

Borrow a piece of furniture from one room and relocate and repurpose it. Try moving an extra dresser and chair out of the guest bedroom and fill the dresser with books to create an unusual reading space in a hallway area. Your new reading nook will make it seem like you have gained an extra room in your home and renew your enthusiasm about pieces of furniture you already own. 

Olson indicates that one of the most common design errors he sees when entering other people’s homes is uninspired furniture placement. Most people, according to Olsen, stack furniture against the walls. Consider moving pieces to the center of the room and creating functional, separate living areas. 


Less is More

Focus on acquiring one or two large pieces of artwork instead of clustering your entire home with smaller pieces. If you are creative and/or you cannot afford a large work of art, purchase a blank canvas and paint it yourself. You do not have to be a great artist to get professional looking results. Take inspiration from minimalist painters like Ellsworth Kelly and select one color out of your room that is not a dominant color and paint the entire canvas in just this color. Designer Olson feels that this type of simple yet bold artistic statement draws attention to the room in a new and interesting way. 

If you cannot afford to buy many new pieces of furniture decorate something that is already in the room, such as a wall or a door. Olson suggests covering a door in a small room in glossy black paint. This DIY project takes only about two hours to accomplish, is fairly cheap and makes a bold statement in what used to be a dull space. 

Consider purchasing one or two quality pieces, at quality retailers including Occasional furniture at Forrest Furnishing, with the extra cash. You’ll be less overwhelmed if you add one quality piece a year, rather than going into debt trying to furnish an entire house at once, or settling for lower quality pieces just to fill up a space. 

Sometimes throwing away unused items, clutter or just plain junk can make a room look newer, calmer and more put together. If you can’t bear to just throw away extra items, consider having a garage sale to earn some extra money that you can put toward redecoration.



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