Embrace Eco-Friendly Truro through Your Business


Truro is well-known for its efforts in embracing the green lifestyle. There are eco-friendly holidays, an excellent transport system and plenty of businesses introducing green policies to reduce their impact on the environment by lowering their carbon emissions and energy usage. If you’re a small business you may worry about how you can make a difference through the way you operate. Here are some simple tips that can help you to become a greener company for the good of the environment and to benefit business in general.

Insulate Your Property

Draughts and leaks in the building you use contribute to a lot of wasted energy. Cold air enters the building and warm air leaks out, requiring you to use more energy to keep the property at a comfortable temperature. Insulating the property will make a dramatic difference to your heating expenses and reduce the amount of carbon emissions your business creates. Replace old doors and windows with modern versions from Window Frames Truro and check your property to ensure there is wall insulation and insulation in the roof.

Source Suppliers

Buy locally wherever possible. Find suppliers close to you to reduce the amount of mileage for each of your raw materials or products and services that you use. When buying from further afield always ask the suppliers about their own green policies and how they reduce the use of fuel associated with each shipment. Some of the methods may include using fuel efficient vehicles, sending complete consignments and using direct deliveries rather than distribution hubs.

Recycle in the Business

Reduce the amount of waste your company creates. There are many different ways you can achieve this:

  • Stop using the printer, use cloud computing and collaboration tools and only print when necessary
  • Introduce recycle bins for all the different materials
  • Contact your local waste company to discuss the recycling options they have available
  • Redesign your packaging to reduce the amount of wastage used and to make use of recycled materials
  • Educate employees and set up reward systems

Conserve Energy

How many appliances are left on each time you leave the property? Many businesses fail to turn off computers, printers and other appliances in the building. Closing computers down or leaving them on standby isn’t enough, energy is still being used. Therefore, to become greener it is necessary to remove plugs from the sockets each time the equipment is no longer required for the day. That’s the only way to stop the energy being drained.

By adopting eco-friendly policies in your company you can attract more respect from your consumers, help to do your part for the environment and save money for the business. Even if you’re not sold on global warming, the financial benefits alone are certainly worth considering. By taking small steps it is possible to reduce your carbon footprint and begin to use less energy. The new habits can be formed quickly and painlessly and the entire business can benefit from the efficient systems you set in motion.

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