Five reasons mobility is extra important during the winter months

The winter is not a time that the elderly enjoy with cold temperatures, health concerns and a general lack of an active lifestyle. However, there are ways to provide a more stable and mobile winter with additions that can provide better mobility.

Below are five reasons why having mobility through the winter is important.

1. Home safety

The importance of having good mobility options throughout the home is essential for your safety. By securing the home from any unwanted obstacles it allows for a risk-free winter in a place where more time will be spent during the winter months.

Around six out of every ten falls happen in the home and the onus is on keeping the home as safe as possible to provide a relaxing environment. Ensure that the home is free from any obstacles in corridors and narrow spaces, all fittings are fixed securely and hand rails for the bathroom could be purchased if personal hygiene is becoming a chore.

Home stair lifts are also a good option to fit into the home. As the colder months come in the joints begin to struggle and if a repetitive task, like going up the stairs, is causing discomfort this could be the biggest relief to have in the home.

2. Freedom

Through having the home safety elements implemented for the winter it provides an unexplainable amount of freedom to an elderly person’s life throughout the winter. This then helps to further enhance lifestyle in the winter with two further benefits …

3. Socialising

By having the essential comfort and reassurance of improved mobility it allows for extra options in socialising. During the winter months getting out and inviting friends over can be a difficult process for the elderly.

Having an active social live is a positive part of daily life, releasing endorphins and helps fight depression. Through little improvements in mobility within the home there is an extra confidence and less strain used on the body, to provide the energy to continue socialising throughout these months.

4. Health

By having the ability to be mobile within the home and outside during the winter the added health benefits for the physical and mental aspects of the body are crucial. By keeping on the move and using the body as much as possible, it can help ease the aching joints and lack of fitness that could be produced with a winter staying in from the cold.

Plus, by having the freedom of mobility it allows for a happier life throughout the winter which produces the endorphins needed for a positive, mental attitude.

5. Preparation

By keeping mobile throughout the winter it also prepares you should the winter take a turn for the worse. By being able to exercise in the home and complete activities to starve off boredom it will help combat the more isolate times, when going outside is unbearable.

Having the confidence in mobility throughout the winter will provide many elderly with a freedom to handle and even enjoy the winter. By following a few clever tips and techniques this is a possibility.

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