Grow Your Own Home: Simple Ways To Make Your Home Feel Bigger

UntitledThey say an Englishman’s home is his castle and whether you’re in a two-up two-down or a sprawling estate the sentiment is the same; a house is more than a house, it is a home. It is where you and your family live, rest up and grow and we know that in order for you to live and rest comfortably in your home you have to make sure it grows with you so you don’t grow out of it. That said, you can’t make extra rooms and space appear magically just because they are needed. Nor can you always afford the extension work necessary to expand outward. Of course, there is always the option to expand upward and convert your loft into an extra room but if you are only in need of a little more space then you may not want to make such a drastic change or suffer the hassle and cost of construction work for something that could easily have been solved with significantly less stress, work and financial output. So what other alternatives are there? Well, here are three ways you can make your home more comfortable and give your family some extra breathing room, without having to break the bank or disrupt daily life too much. So read on and gather inspiration:

Hidey Hole

  • Remember those cabin beds when you were little? Think how fun it was to clamber up a little wooden ladder and look down on your bedroom like a king from his castle. Now imagine having that same feeling again, in your own home and in a very grown up way. You could have an office, a reading room, a family games’ room or anything you like – even if it is just storage – suspended above your main living space as a quirky hideaway. It would almost give you an extra room, tucked away enough for privacy but close enough to the main living area to be involved in the house’s activities should you wish. Though such a feature would require a little building work it would be less substantial than a loft conversion or the addition of an actual extra room. See how it is done in this home.

Loft Lock-away

  • If a loft conversion doesn’t quite take your fancy then you need to make the most of the loft that you’ve got. I’m sure you will already have Christmas decorations and photos of Nan’s heydays up there but you can utilise the space so much better with a bit of organisation and a few minor adjustments to your loft hatch. If you installed a drop down loft hatch then you could add a sliding loft ladder to it. These ladders tuck away neatly in the loft and slide down when pulled so that they provide a steady, sturdy and safe way for you to get in and out of the attic. They come in metal or in timber, they can bear different weights of more than 20 stone and they are easy (and safe!) to use. You can even add extras like rubberised feet to stop them sliding on the floor or catches to keep them in place. Once they’re installed and you can use them regularly to get bits and bobs in the loft you will be shocked at just how much room was previously taken up by odds and ends around the house. So regardless of what other ways you try to make more room at home, a loft ladder is a sound investment.

Tuck-away Toilet

  • Have you ever had that uncomfortable moment where three or more people are fighting to use the bathroom; one needs to shower before they go out, another needs to brush their teeth and grab their comb and you – you’re stood cross-legged wishing you hadn’t drank your own body weight in water. How do you fix a problem like this? You get a second (or third) bathroom, or more accurately half a bathroom, installed. Now, if you like this idea but you’re panicking about where you can put such a thing, take a quick look at your stairs. Is there room underneath? That’s where you can tuck away a toilet that will be good for you, good for your guests and even great for adding value to the property. See how it’s done with this under-stair innovation.

Where families and households are concerned, space will always be a concern as people step on each other’s toes and become frustrated with the lack of elasticity in brick walls. But making the most of unused room and implementing different space-saving solutions can really make what is a bit of a tight squeeze seem like a whole new place; turning a cramped family home into what feels like a castle.  So use the suggestions in this post as inspiration and encouragement to give your home a bit of a spruce-up in the space department and make sure you enlist the help of industry experts when opting for installations like loft ladders or any other carpentry and building work.


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