Home Interior Colors to Promote Peace

Life can sometimes be more stressful than we can adequately handle. When it is, it’s nice to come home to a serene environment that seals you away from the trouble of the day. To better facilitate this feeling of domestic peace, there are several paint color choices you can use on your walls and throughout your decor. Use your own preferences and the help of professional painting services to decide on the best color scheme.


If you’re aiming for a natural and earthy feel to any rooms in your home, brown makes for a great choice. One thing to bear in mind with this particular color is that it’s better to go with mid- and soft-toned browns rather than rich, dark browns, mainly because darker shades of the color can make a room feel a bit claustrophobic. To offset this effect if you have your eyes set on a richer brown, use lighter trims and accents. Finally, know that gentle browns are a neutral color, which is great for your background.

Light Gray

At first thought, gray might seem like more of a gloomy color and less of a calming hue. The key to nailing the peaceful look with gray is to mix different shades of the color and add in other hues. For instance, you can paint your walls a washed out gray and decorate the chosen room with medium-hued gray furniture. White and silver accents keep things light. All combined, you’ll have a room that doesn’t assault your eyeballs with bright colors, nor drowns you in dark, heavy colors. Even better is the fact that gray is known to make a room feel more open and airy.


Much like brown, green is another paint color that harkens back to nature and the serenity you feel while surrounded by trees, grass and bodies of water. If you’re aiming for a room that feels warm and inviting, green hues injected with a bit of yellow, such as olive, are certainly the way to go. For total relaxation, go for greens blended with blue, like aqua. Make small rooms feel larger by painting the walls your ideal shade of green and the ceilings and floors a lighter color.


There’s no denying that blue is one of the most soothing of colors, mainly because it calls to mind both the sky and the sea. Go for pale and mid-toned blue colors for a standard feeling of serenity in your home. Wanting something that’s a touch more dramatic or invigorating? Try out darker shades of blue to see how they fit your aesthetics. Because blue is also the color of ice, some hues can make a room feel colder rather than warmer. This means you might need to add some warmer colors to your decor and paint scheme to balance things all while achieving the look and feel you truly desire.


Maybe you like the color red, but don’t find it to be the most tranquil of colors. Purple offers a great middle ground between cool blue and energizing red. Lavender is an optimum choice for a peaceful residential environment. Blue and white accessories and decor scattered about the room provide you with the peace you desire.


If you aim to have a bit of clarity mixed into your tranquil room, you can’t beat white. Because there are so many different shades of the color, you’ll want to go with one that’s crisp and bright. Otherwise, you run the risk of your room looking dingy, a feeling that can seep into your emotions.

Turn your home into an oasis with these color ideas. You don’t have to go to a spa to feel completely relaxed and at ease.

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