How To Brighten Your Bathroom

For decades, the bathroom served a utilitarian function. It was there for the biological necessities and hygiene but didn’t get much consideration otherwise. Over the years, however, the bathroom has developed into a more central and important room in the house. It’s where you spend the beginning of each morning getting ready to face the day. Since it’s become so important, many homeowners want to transform the bathroom into a spa-like environment; a brighter, more inviting space. Here are four upgrades you can make to brighten and improve your bathroom experience.

Upgrade Flooring

Is your flooring dark and boring? Is it worn down, cracked or stained? Your flooring sets the stage for the rest of the bathroom. If it is dark and drab, it will bring down the feel of the entire room. Upgrading your flooring is a great first step to brightening your bathroom overall. New tile in a lighter color, intricate patterns and a nice layout will all contribute to elevating the feel of your bathroom. As you work on your redesign, seek out a professional that knows bathroom flooring Baton Rouge.

Paint the Walls and Ceiling

While flooring is a technical and moderately costly upgrade, painting is easy and cheap. Like flooring, it makes a huge impact on the overall tone and feel of your bathroom. Are the walls dark and depressing? Are there stains in the paint? These minor issues will make the bathroom look neglected and worn out. A simple change of color can make a huge difference. Clean the walls and then apply a fresh coat of lighter colored paint. Make sure the paint color complements the floor choice you installed earlier.

Install New Fixtures

Many homes, especially so-called tract homes, have pretty boring bathroom fixtures. This includes the faucets and knobs, toilet paper holders, towel racks and light fixtures. As you lighten and brighten your bathroom, consider upgrading these fixtures. You could go light with brushed aluminum or stainless steel. Alternatively, if your walls and tiles are very light colored, you could go for high contrast with oil-rubbed bronze fixtures.

Get a New Shower

Depending on how old your house is, your bathroom might be in desperate need of a new shower. Many older homes have a combination bathtub and shower. As you upgrade, consider moving to a shower only. Most people never use the bathtub. If you’re one of those people, this upgrade makes perfect sense. Find a shower that matches your flooring, walls and fixtures in style and color choice.

Upgrading your bathroom can be time-consuming but in the end, you’ll be thrilled that you did.


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