How to Build an Outdoor Fireplace

Although they’re incredibly useful for roasting marshmallows, outdoor fireplaces have much more to offer than just heating puffy balls of sugar to gooey perfection — they’re classy outdoor centerpieces, timeless symbols of communal warmth, activity and comfort, and they boldly display of one of the most important elements mankind has ever discovered.

            In fact, this realization has led to an explosion in the building and installation of outdoor fireplaces in recent years, leading many to wonder: How exactly do I build an outdoor fireplace, anyway? While it’s true that only businesses that specialize in such services will give you the best results, anyone interested in outdoor fireplaces should know how the building process is carried out.

Step 1:Plan

            The first step in the building of outdoor fireplaces is like the first step in any construction project: plan. After you consider the general purpose that you’d like your outdoor fireplace to serve — whether you’d like one that’s more for ambiance or functionality, beauty or purpose — you’ll need to put some careful consideration into the design of your hearth. For instance, do you want your stonework to match the stonework of your residence, or do you want to take a walk on the wild side and do something completely unordinary? Ultimately, the choice is yours.

            Further, you’ll need to decide the size of your fireplace. For this step, it’s a good idea to design the fireplace with the proportions of your home in mind. This is important because you don’t want your fireplace to completely overshadow the size of your house,and nor do you want the fireplace to be dwarfed by your house. After that, you’ll need to decide on whether you’d like a wood-burning fireplace or one that uses gas. If you need gas, you’ll need to call your gas company to help you locate the line closest to your fireplace location; if you plan on using wood, you’ll need to acquire a building permit from your municipal government and any other additional requirements.

Step 2: Design

            The next step in the outdoor fireplace building process is to start designing how you’ll want your fireplace to look. For this, you’ll want to scale your desired structure to your budget. Some designs are cheaper than others and what you had in mind might actually end up being way out of your budget, so it’s a good idea to check with your local outdoor fireplace construction company before getting your heart set on any particular type of fireplace design. Also, in this stage you’ll want to start picking out additional features to install or place in or around your fireplace area.

Step 3: Build

            Depending on the company that you’re using to construct your fireplace, these steps could differ slightly, but there usually isn’t much variation. From most services, the first step will be to pour the concrete for the foundation (if there isn’t any already). After that, they’ll spread mortar onto the foundation and begin laying concrete or cinder blocks and if necessary, they’ll lay out fire brick inside your firebox. Once the chimney an spark arrestor are both constructed, then all that’s left to do is install your hearthstone, select a stone style for the veneer, connect your gas-burning fireplace to the gas line and preform any additional troubleshooting or finishing touches.

Written by the staff at Controlled Aire Heating & Cooling, where they provide the best solutions to heating and cooling Moberly MO has to offer. They also specialize in the installation and repair of outdoor fireplaces.

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