How to Decide Which Rooms in Your Home to Remodel First

Finding your dream home isn’t easy when you’re working on a budget, but if you’re like most home buyers, you prioritize your wants and needs (location, size, etc.) so that you can find a property that allows you to cross at least the most important items off your checklist. After that you can take steps to turn the structure and landscape into the space you’ve been searching for. What you want is potential, the clay from which you can model your perfect haven. And along those lines, you’ll probably want to do some remodeling after you sign the papers and move in.

This could mean a major kitchen and master bath renovation. Or maybe you want to knock down some walls to create the open floor plan you crave. You might want to put your money into custom built-ins and fireplace remodeling in the living room or bedroom. What you need to do if you’re on a budget, though, is decide on a progression of work. Just as you prioritized your home buying experience, you need to figure out which rooms in your home should be remodeled first. Here are a few guidelines to help you decide.

First you need to consider function. The spaces in your home must meet your needs. Although you might want to start with the outdated kitchen, it could probably wait until later if your master bathroom has plumbing problems so severe that you have to run down to the basement any time you need to use the toilet because flushing the one upstairs causes a terrible odor to permeate your home. Okay, that’s a pretty extreme example, but suppose you’ve been dreaming of a master retreat only to find that the cabinets in your kitchen are falling apart at the seams, with doors and drawers hanging off and the support structure for your counter starting to lean or sag. In this case, the dysfunction of one space could move it to the top of your list when it comes to remodeling.

But there are other considerations, as well. You need to think about the cost involved, and the kitchens and bathrooms are almost certain to involve a higher price tag than other rooms in your home. You will, of course, see a higher rate of return from these upgrades, especially if you sell relatively soon following completion. But if you’re planning to stay for the long haul, the value of your remodeling efforts will decrease. And in the meantime you certainly want your home to be functional and livable. So you might want to think about putting your limited funds into finishing out the basement so that you have a place for the kids to play, an extra restroom, and even a guest room.

Lastly, you should consider what’s going to make you happy. It’s not all about making your space function better or trying to save money on your remodel. You also need to enjoy and appreciate the results of your remodeling activities since you’re the one paying for them. So even if your kitchen could use some upgrades, perhaps you want to put your money into creating a state-of-the-art home theater space. With help from an independent contractor or a reliable source like Foster Remodeling Solutions, you should be able to decide on which rooms need remodeling, which ones are okay the way they are, and how you can spend your money wisely to ensure the best usage and perhaps the most return on investment down the line.

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