How to Effectively Light Your Home’s Key Areas

When people think of lighting, it’s usually with the idea in mind of simply making sure that a person can see enough to avoid accidents and ensure productivity. That, of course, is the main reason why we have artificial lights in the home. But there’s a lot more to lighting than meets the eye, and understanding how we react to it goes a long way to making our homes much nicer to live in.

To begin with, you have to understand that there are four kinds of lighting, and that these are used in layers. Depending on the area in the home, each kind of lighting will have a dominant streak, whilst others will aid to the feelings of comfort and beauty. Here’s how to effectively light your home’s key areas.

Four kinds of lighting

By understanding that light can be used in different ways, you’re automatically a big step closer to finding the design that’s perfect for you and your family. Here are the various kinds of lighting you should use:

  • Ambient lights – It’s the background light. It’s the light that you don’t usually think about. Beware: the colour and temperature makes a big difference when it comes to mood and content.


  • Task lights – When you need to do something, you need task lighting. Think foremost of the kitchen, the bathroom, the study, and other parts of the house that require work.


  • Accent lights – If you want to draw attention to a particular feature or piece of art in your house, you’ll use accent lights to make sure it’s seen.


  • Decorative lights – They are there for decoration, and are an art form in and of themselves.

The areas in your home

You’ll have to use the different kinds of lighting according to the purpose of the room, according to the lighting experts at Here are some guidelines:

  • The living area – it’s multi-purpose, so use all four kinds according to your needs.


  • The dining room – dining is all about ambient and decorative. Make it warm.


  • The kitchen – task lighting and ambient light are most important.


  • The bedroom – think ambient and task; think mellow overhead and bedside reading.


  • The hallways – it’s your welcome to guests, so do everything to make a good impression.


  • The bathroom – like the kitchen, it’s a blend of ambient and task.

Never forget, however, that the best kind of lighting you can possibly make use of is natural light – that which is produced by the sun and comes in through the windows. Try to install the proper lighting around natural lighting – and don’t be afraid to experiment. With a little bit of research, there is no limit to how much better you can make your home and your quality of living.



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