How to Keep Pests Away During the Summer Season

The summer season is when the temperatures rise and more bugs begin to come out. For many people, it’s common to find bug bites on the skin or find creepy crawlers in the home. If you want to keep pests away during the summer months, there are a few important steps to take.

Use Different Scents

There are a variety of different scents that ward off bugs and will keep them away from your summer party or outdoor gathering. According to, rosemary or sage can be burned over coals, which will cause fleas, black flies, and mosquitos to stay away from the property. Cider vinegar and vanilla extract can also be used by applying it onto the skin, lawn decorations, and patio furniture in the yard.

Feed the Insects

Give the insects what they want by feeding them a bowl of sugar or jelly that can be set out in the yard away from where you plan to spend time outside. You can also hang plastic bags of water around the property from trees or fences to keep flies away from food that is set out when you’re hosting a party.

Fog the Yard

Fogging the yard is proven to be effective in keeping mosquitos and bugs away for six to eight hours. In the evening, you can also use tiki torches that use cintronella to keep insects off of the grounds with the smoke that is emitted.

Use Different Plants

There are several different plants that naturally keep insects off of the property. Bay leaves are known to repel flies and basil will cause mosquitos to head in the other direction, according to Lavender will not only add extra color to your yard but will keep fleas, moths, mosquitos, and flies away. You can also hang tied bouquets of the lavender in different areas of the home to prevent the bugs from lingering indoors.

Hire an Exterminator

Hire a professional to spray the inside and outside of your property, which is one of the most effective ways of keeping bugs away for several months. They’ll use a mosquito misting system that are time-released and can be installed on fences. The pesticides are sprayed as a fine mist with spray nozzles that can be used on the perimeter of the yard or home. The system can also be controlled with a remote that the homeowner uses when it’s needed.

Chaulk Holes

You’ll want to chaulk holes or cracks that have developed in the walls or the siding of the home to eliminate entryways where critters can get in. According to, you’ll need a top-quality chaulk if you’re using the sealant outdoors to ensure that it can withstand extreme weather and temperature changes. The chaulk product that you use should also be capable of being painted if it’s used on the side of the building or siding.

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