How To Make Your Bedroom Migraine Proof

Your home is your haven but your bedroom should be your refuge, that one special place that you can go to when you’re ready for rest or relaxation – especially if you’re someone that experiences migraine headaches.


Newsflash of the year: migraine headaches are not nice. But there might be hope – recent studies have displayed that magnet therapy could be used to treat some forms of migraines. It could be a long time before these treatments enter the mainstream, however. So what can you do in the meantime?

Well there are things that can be done to help remedy a migraine – and they start inside of your bedroom. Take a look at these tips that can help provide you with defense against a migraine headache.

Turn Off the Lights

Bright light is not a friend to a migraine headache. If your home is filled with sunshine most of the time, cover your windows with bedroom curtains that kill the natural light. Light can be so aggravating to a migraine headache, but such curtains in the bedroom help eliminate the strains. Inside the bedroom you also want to make sure that these drapes are hung.

Leave the Air Fresheners Alone

They smell great and can certainly enhance any room – that is, unless you are a migraine headache sufferer. In this case the exact opposite is true, and these air fresheners can trigger the onset of a migraine. Any type of odour or scent will do this, in fact. This means that if you have migraines you need to get rid of the scented lotions, creams and even cologne or perfume.

Make Your Own Place to Escape

When you have a migraine you don’t want to do anything but make the pain stop, so you need that one special place in your home where you can avoid everyone and everything. Your bedroom is the perfect place to escape, especially when you’ve followed the tips above and have migraine-proofed your bedroom. It is very much worth your while to create your own escape inside of your home, especially if you are prone to migraine headaches.

Creating Your Escape

Your room should be a place that is dark and quiet – a place that you can go whenever you need to get away. There are a few things that you can add to the room if you want to enjoy this special getaway.

  • Soft padded chair

  • Darkening bedroom curtains, likes those available from

  • Three-Way Lamps

  • Do Not Disturb’ sign to put on the door

  • CD Player/iPod to play soft music or soothing sounds in the background

And just as there are things that you do want to have in the room there are also things that you should not have in there, since they are distracting and can only make your migraine worse.

  • Cell Phone

  • Laptop/Computer

  • TV

  • Pets, children and spouses!

Creating a bedroom that is migraine proof will ensure that you always have that place to turn to where you can get the rest and relaxation that is needed. These are only a handful of the many tips that you will find to help create this room. Put this information to good use and you can create that much-needed soothing room in your home, too.

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