How You can Properly Organise Your Bedroom Closet

A well-designed and well-organised bedroom will always have a well-organised closet. Your closet is actually the very first place which should be organised if you want your bedroom to be free from clutter, a pleasant and relaxing environment where you can truly be comfortable at the end of the day. But having a closet that’s well-organised is easier said than done. Here, then, is how you can properly organise your bedroom closet.


  • De-clutter


The first step you should take is to de-clutter. Look through all your clothes, shoes, and accessories, and do away with those that you haven’t used for a while. If you haven’t used an item of clothing or shoes or accessories for 6 months, then perhaps you don’t need it any more. If it hasn’t fit you for a year, then by all means, throw it away or give it to someone who can use it.


  • Hanging your clothes


When it comes to hanging your clothes, you should make use of a system. For instance, you can hang your trousers in one section and hang your blouses or shirts with collars in another section. The idea is to segregate your clothing into different parts or sections so it’s easier to get what you need (especially if you are in a hurry in the morning!). You should also make an investment in hangers of good quality with no wires, as well as different types of hangers for trousers.


  • Sort by colour


When you have sorted your items according to type, you can then sort them according to colour. Yes, this may be a chore, but you’d be surprised at how nice it feels to be able to go through your entire wardrobe and easily pick whatever you would like to wear.


  • Storage for your purses and bags


Most of us have a lot of purses and bags, and it can really be a nightmare trying to find a place for them. What you can do, however, is to store your purses and bags on your closet’s shelves, if there are any. You can also purchase a storage container for your purses and bags which can be hung on the wall or the back of the door.


  • Use drawer dividers


You can also use drawer dividers to organise small items, such as lingerie, belts, and socks.


If you really don’t have enough space for your clothing, accessories, and shoes in your closet, it might be a good time to look into fitted wardrobes. A full fitted bedroom is a great way to maximise your available space, as fitted bedrooms can be completely customised and designed according to what you need, be it extra shelving, a good-sized shoe rack, small drawers for jewelry and toiletries, and so on.


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