Is It Worth It to Switch From a Traditional to a Smart Thermostat?

With all of the changes that are constantly happening when it comes to technology, there’s always something new on the market that we’re being told to buy; something that is advertised as being “so much better than what we already have”. One example of this is the smart thermostat.

If you’ve been noticing that more and more people are singing its praises, but a part of you is secretly wondering if it really is worth the investment (especially financially) to make the switch from a traditional thermostat to a smart one, we’ve actually provided you with a list of five reasons why having a smart thermostat in your home could actually be a small thing that could make a really big difference below:

Smart thermostats are energy-efficient. Definitely one of the absolute best things about having a smart thermostat is that it’s energy-efficient. In fact, according to many energy experts, you can save as much as 30 percent annually on your energy bills by swapping out your standard thermostat and putting a smart thermostat in instead.

Smart thermostats are easy to use. One great thing about smart thermostats is that a lot of them have a touch screen “face” along with clear step-by-step instructions, which makes it easy to make all of the necessary adjustments that you need.

Smart thermostats are convenient. Say that it’s a really hot night in your city and in the middle of your sleep, you realize that you need to adjust your thermostat. With a standard one, you would have to literally get out of bed and walk over to it. But, if you had a smart thermostat, because many of them can be controlled with a remote or even by your computer or cell phone, you can conveniently change the settings while remaining in the same spot.

Smart thermostats can be adjusted from anywhere. There are a lot of us who end up spending more money than we would like on our energy costs simply because we fail to adjust our thermostats when we leave for work in the morning or when we go on vacation. However, if you had a smart thermostat, this isn’t something that you would need to concern yourself about. Being that it can be controlled via other devices, your thermostat can be adjusted, by you, no matter where you may be.

Smart thermostats are affordable. If you’ve recently been having a bit of trouble with your HVAC unit and you called a licensed HVAC technician to come over and do some heat and air conditioner repair , one thing that they might tell you is that your standard thermostat is a part of the reason why your unit is not working. As a recommendation, they may say that you should upgrade to a smart thermostat because those have the ability to check the other components of your HVAC unit to detect potential issues. If you’re hesitant because you don’t know if you can afford a smart thermostat, the good news is that you can find one for anywhere between $20-200. Plus, you can usually install them yourself. For more information on where you can purchase a smart thermostat, visit AC Wholesale, Home Depot or Walmart.

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