It’s Time to Save Money on Your Heating Bill

Are your monthly energy bills beginning to drive you mad? If it’s any consolation, you’re not alone. As energy bills here in the UK continue to increase, many people are struggling to figure out how they can manage to keep their costs as low as possible. Some people, unfortunately, think that they have to resort to lowering their thermostat and put on a couple of extra sweaters to stay comfortable, all in an effort to reduce their energy consumption. However, the good news is that you can be quite comfortable and save money on your energy bills. You just have to know how.


The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Many people mistakenly think that using old-fashioned radiators is the only way to achieve adequate heating in their home. Actually, this is quite far from the truth. The fact is, radiators are by nature quite inefficient. Because they generate heat in every room, the heat itself actually rises towards the ceiling. As a result, to be comfortable where one typically uses a room, such as the sofa, couch, or even dining room table, the thermostat on the radiator has to be set higher than would otherwise be necessary, just so that the portions of the room close to the ground feel comfortable. If you actually were to check the temperature close to the ceiling of any room, you’d find it to be substantially higher. Thus, there is a tremendous waste of energy just to heat the entire room.

Cost-Effective in Every Way

Putting your heating system below your floors is actually much less expensive to purchase and install than traditional radiators. From that factor alone, any new home should seriously consider using this heating solution. For those with an eye on aesthetics (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?), putting your heating solution under the floor avoids having to think about where to place, or more appropriately hide, the radiator in every room. It makes any room’s design a snap! Because of the efficiencies created by the system, the cost to operate it is anywhere from 10% to 40% less than a standard radiator system. For those who have an existing radiator system and are planning do some remodelling, the cost savings in operating an under-the-floor solution and eliminating the existing radiators can pay for themselves in just a few years.

Comfort, Health, and Convenience

There are many other distinct advantages to using underfloor heating. For one, any room will feel far more comfortable as the heat surrounds the entire living area, with no cold spots, and even the furniture will feel nice and toasty. Another benefit is overall hygiene. Because this system does not generate nearly as much moisture as standard radiators, dust mites, the bane of most households, don’t have a chance to proliferate. Lastly, maintenance is far simpler with an underfloor heating solution. All of the pipes and tubes link directly to the main manifold, unlike radiators, and therefore servicing can be easily be performed in one place. You can find a trusted supplier for this innovative heating solution by visiting Here, you’ll find the answers to all of your questions and meet the company that can provide you with the ultimate in heating efficiency and comfort.

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