Knowing When to Upgrade or Replace Your Siding

Sometimes we just want change. Other times, we require it. It can be hard to know just when we need to make a big change, especially when it comes to things involving home repair. Your siding might largely seem aesthetic, but it also serves a major functional purpose: insulating your home. Sometimes it’s hard to know just when to change your siding by either completely upgrading it or replacing it. Here are a few ways to tell when you might need to make a change.

It’s falling off.

This way is usually pretty easy to tell. If your siding is detaching from your house then generally it is time to replace your siding or get a completely new type of siding.

It’s delaminating.

You can tell if siding is delaminating if it is a slightly different color than the original siding. The lamination may be peeling off from the siding.

It’s loose.

You can tell if your siding is loose simply by wiggling it with your hand. If it is up too high you can also tell if it is hanging off or coming off of the house. Or it might rattle excessively in the wind if it is too loose, which means it is time to replace or upgrade it.

There are pieces missing.

If part of your siding is missing it can completely waste the effects of having the other siding. One hole in your siding can let in a lot of water damage and also let all of the heated air out during winter, or cool air out during summer. This is one of the easiest ways to tell if you need new siding. If you are missing a piece of siding, you will want to fix it as promptly as possible because if one piece is missing it can cause many others around it to become damaged or fall off, as well.

If you don’t replace your siding, it can also decrease the appearance of your home and the value to potential buyers if you are trying to sell your home. Sometimes replacing just one piece is a very simple task that can be done in a couple days so it’s best to do it right away to save you from more work and money.

Costs for replacing or upgrading your siding vary on the size and age of the house, the shape it is in, and the type of siding one is interested in using. Obviously an upgrade is going to cost more than replacing the old type of siding. If you know what type of siding you want and the measurements of your house, you can use a calculator like this one to give a rough estimate of the amount of square siding you will need to buy. There are also other calculators that help estimate the cost based on what type of siding you want, as well.

If possible, talk to people you know or neighbors who have had similar work done on their house. ALWAYS seek estimates from more than one company, because not every company is going to have the same options and same pricing method.

Written by the staff at G.P. Construction Services, offering the installation and repair of gutters, siding, roofing and garage doors in Columbia, Mo. Follow them on Google+!

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