Lawn Care Myths and How to Break Them

Beautiful green grass is the epitome of curb appeal. After all, who doesn’t love a perfect looking lawn? While lawn care may seem like a simple task, don’t be fooled! We are debunking the top 10 lawn care myths to help you achieve that flawless lawn.

Myth #1- You Should Cut Your Grass Very Short

While cutting your grass very short may cut down on how often you need to mow, this practice can cause major damage to your lawn. For example, if your grass is short the sunlight may be able to reach weeds. This allows them to grow and then you have an even bigger problem on your hand! The rule of thumb is to cut about 1/3 of the total length of the grass.

Myth #2- You Don’t Need Fertilizer to Keep Your Lawn Healthy

Nature will not take care of fertilization! In order to keep your lawn healthy and restore it to its natural state, you must fertilize at least twice a year. Fall is the best time for fertilizing because of the warm soil temperature and mild air temperature. Spring is the second best time to fertilize. Don’t skip out on this key step to having a healthy lawn.

Myth #3- You Need to Water Your Grass Everyday

Deep watering your lawn is more beneficial than frequent watering. Plus, you will save a lot of water in the long run. Your lawn only needs about 1 inch of water per week, so be sure that you aren’t overwatering. Use a rain gauge to monitor how much rain has fallen that week so you know how much you actually need to water.

Myth #4- You Should Cut Your Grass in the Same Direction

We are all prone to doing this…. after all, we are very habitual! Avoid mowing in the same direction as it will mat down the turf. Switch up your mowing direction to encourage a better-looking lawn.

Myth #5- You Should Aerate Your Lawn with Spiked Shoes

Walking on your lawn with spiked shoes isn’t going to aerate your lawn like you expect. All you are doing is making a bunch of holes in the ground. Walking around is actually hurting the soil more than helping it. The soil becomes compacted. Professional aerators can offer solutions to fix this problem.

Myth #6- Mowing Over Weeds Will Kill Them

Unfortunately, mowing over dandelions doesn’t remove them from the ground. The only real way to kill weeds is with a weed killer.

Myth #7- All Grass is the Same

Not all lawns are the same. Some grass is fine and narrow, while other types grow much thicker. It is important to know what type of grass you have if you are considering purchasing a new lawn mower. For example, if you have tougher grass, it is best to purchase a mower with high horsepower and big wheels.

Myth #8-You Must Rake the Leaves From Your Lawn

While it is true that dead leaves can smother your lawn, there is an easier solution than raking. Simply take your lawn mower and run over the leaves. These broken up leaves can actually help to fertilize your lawn. Plus, not raking will save you tons of time!

Myth #9-Leaving Grass Clippings on the Lawn Causes Thatch

Grass clippings will not cause thatch! If anything, extra grass clippings will help to replenish nitrogen back into your soil, which will help make your lawn healthy.

Myth #10-You Don’t Need to Do with Anything in Winter

Winter is the perfect time to care for your equipment or start planning for the warmer months! Don’t let your equipment sit in your shed all Winter. Take a good look at the equipment to make sure it is functioning properly and there aren’t any adjustments you need to make on it.

Written by Mike West, owner and operator of WestCo Grounds Maintenance. WestCo offers the best solutions for your lawn care Jefferson City, MO has to offer. They also specialize in sprinkler and irrigation systems for your lawn.

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