Maintenance for Resin Floors

Resin flooring is ideal for a wide range of applications and types of building. It is versatile, long lasting and durable. However, to get the longest lifespan and the best performance out of your resin floor, it is important to make sure that it is properly looked after. Using the correct maintenance methods will prolong your floor’s life and prevent it from falling into disrepair or becoming unsafe.

In order to get the best performance from a resin floor and keep it in good condition, a few simple tips should be followed.


Cleaning Products

It is important to use the right cleaning products for your resin floor. Some chemicals that will seem to produce good results at first will actually be harmful over time. Bleach, for example, will make the floor look clean and does offer excellent anti-bacterial properties. However, used on a resin floor it can cause tarnishing. It can also damage the sealing coat, which can leave the floor vulnerable to damage over time. Instead, milder alkaline cleaning products should be used on resin floors.

Cleaning Equipment

Sweeping and mopping a resin floor is not necessarily the best way to clean it. To the naked eye, it will first seem to have done a good job. However, often when the floor starts to dry out it will not look as clean and well-polished as it first appeared. Much of the dirt, rather than being removed, will simply have been moved around.  There may also be streaks left behind by water and cleaning products. On top of this, mopping is a very poor way to eliminate bacteria and diseases, which is a big cause for concern in places such as food handling facilities.

It is better to use machines such as scrubber-dryers to clean resin flooring. This will be better for getting rid of bacteria, will provide deep cleaning and dirt removal, and then will suck up the water and dirt to ensure the floor is left clean and help prevent streaks.

Day-to-day Maintenance

While resin floor is one of the toughest and most durable surfacing materials available, it is not indestructible. Without proper care and maintenance, its lifespan will be significantly shortened. It is important to clean the floor regularly following the above methods in order to keep it clean and in good condition.

This is not merely a cosmetic concern. In some environments where resin is commonly used, such as in commercial or industrial resin flooring  or food preparation areas, spilled substances can potentially be damaging if left to sit for too long. As such, it is important to clean the floor regularly to ensure that all spills are picked up before any damage is caused.

Resin floors can be easily repaired and replaced. If damage does occur, it is advisable to replace the relevant section promptly. This will prevent the damage from worsening and spreading, which might require more extensive repairs. It is a good idea to regularly inspect resin floors in order to identify any damage as soon as possible.

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