Obscure uses for a concrete garage

Concrete garages have been housing cars for over 80 years, providing quality protection from weather conditions and thieves. In more recent times, the use of a garage has changed and they are now homes of storage, (for other vehicles such as bikes and mopeds through to documentation, gym equipment, garden tools and much more), or for external domestic appliances, as well as the family car.

These are all very common uses of the concrete garage and can be seen all over the UK. However, concrete garages in European countries and America are used for a variety of many different things; some surprising and others perfectly feasible.

Start a Business

There has been a recent craze across the world of people running businesses from their garages. This is a common occurrence for self-employed or start up businesses as you do not need to have an immediate outlay for premises. Concrete garages offer great protection from wind and rain, and are harder to break into than other materials. Therefore you should store company documents inside so they will be secure. Other similar uses for the concrete garage include art studios, music studios and recording studios, where concrete provides great acoustics for today’s modern music. Many music videos, including Carly Rae Jepson’s number one hit ‘Call Me Maybe’, were set in a garage.

Again these are still common uses of the garage but Dencroft Garages in Yorkshire have discovered that behind some garage doors, all is not what it seems.

The Games Room

Games rooms are now popular in many modern day houses and the garage provides the perfect location for such a facility. The large rectangular open space allows for 360 degree movement, meaning popular sports hall games including table tennis and pool are now played in the household garage. This is often accompanied by people putting bar counters in the corner of their garage and instead of popping out to the pub on a Friday or Saturday night, they entertaining friends and family from their own garage.

If entertaining is a more obscure reason, it is not the most bizarre use of a domestic garage. Families in America have used their concrete garages as canvases to showcase supposed wealth. Instead of using them for storage, they have painted 3D pictures of either the impossible, such as planes, animals, formula one cars, through to showcasing supposed wealth with paintings of sports cars and power boats. Families have then been leaving their garage doors open to highlight the ‘power’ of money and surprise/shock passersby.

As is evident, a concrete garage is no longer just for storing the standard family sized car. With so many different possibilities it has become a valuable asset to many people across the whole of the world. With high levels of weather resistance and longevity guaranteed it has allowed people to express their true selves across a range of different ideas.

Image Courtesy of James Barker/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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