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OLX wanted to make sure that it is not missing out on any customer of it’s so it has also introduced the mobile app. So if you want to properties for sale in India then also you can simply open up the browser of your cell phone and type in m.olx.in and you will be redirected to the homepage of OLX. From there you can browse through various ads that are on display, including images and also the videos. You are actually accessing the same thing, but the only difference is that OLX has brought that right on your palm so that even if you are not in front of your laptop or computer you will easily be able to access the ads that have been posted and pick up the deal that suits your budget.

Just a click and two

With a simple touch over one or two places and you are done with your deal. If you like something then you can simply complete the deal within seconds, but for that you have to register first. In case you are not registered then also it is a simple application, but instead of seconds it will take you a minute. Though the OLX mobile app you can actually –

  • Shop for your favorite products
  • Get the price of the product you want
  • Post ad for free
  • Reply to the advertisements
  • Reply to the queries posted
  • Save the ad that you liked on your phone

The mobile app has made it possible for users to post ad from anywhere and during any time they want as long they have an internet connection. Even the new TV commercial shows how a simple housewife can make use of their cell phone to sell of the old goods to make place for new entries. You can enjoy some more videos on YouTube.

Look out for treasures

As a buyer OLX is the best platform to get some old collection of books, DVDs and CDs. As OLX is the platform for buying and selling used products, therefore if you have been looking for some old book or some classic movie collection then you must browse through the Books, CDs and Hobbies category. You will definitely get what you have been looking for. You will find people putting old coins like 1 paise, 2 paise, etc. on sale because they know there are people who collects them and they are ready to pay reasonable price for them.

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