Refresh Your Bathroom on a Budget

Bathrooms are one of the places in the home that take the most wear and tear. Used every day and much-loved for their functionality and tranquillity, it’s important to look after your bathroom’s plumbing and fittings, but also its atmosphere and freshness. Take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves without blowing your bank account. Here are four simple tips that can get your ideas flowing to give your bathroom that new look that it might be longing for.

  1. Create a Tile Feature

Tiles can create a wonderful effect in the bathroom. Not only are they essential for waterproof, wipe-clean maintenance but they add personality, style and substance to a bathroom with an endless amount of colours and textures to choose from. Don’t over-expend by tackling large areas but instead stick to tiling one or two key features of your bathroom such as the countertop, around the bath or surrounding the mirror.

  1. Spruce Your Shower

The shower is one of the most important functional aspects of your bathroom that will get guaranteed repetitive use to it’s a good place to give a quick and easy update to make the room feel brand new. Check out some new lovely and reliable faucets for your taps or shower head or replace that naff curtain with a swanky glass door from a quality company like Barrier Components and you’ll ensure a luxury experience no matter how long or short your shower time is.

  1. Add the Wow-Factor

There are plenty of affordable and bold features that you can add to your bathroom to give it some glam. Chrome shelves, soap dishes and towel bars will reflect shine and a few glass jars or vases filled with seashells or colourful baubles can add a customised touch. Nothing injects impact, light and space like a large, dramatic mirror and you don’t have to buy one brand new but take a trip down to some local antique shops and second-hand markets to pick up a vintage statement piece with a story behind it too.

  1. Light Up the Place

The way a room is lit has a powerful effect on how people feel. If you’re bathroom lights are basic and boring, it’s time to switch it up with more unique fittings. This can be as simple as finding a great light cover that goes with the theme you’ve chosen or adding some atmosphere with beautiful, decorative candle holders for that well-deserved relaxing soak in the bath tub.

Redecorating and giving your home a new look doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg but by engaging your creative side and using your imagination you’ll be surprised by what a big difference small changes can make. 

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