Residential Plumbing Service and Maintenance

There are a lot of possible problems that could occur in the plumbing system of any home. Outdated pipes and fixtures can lead to major issues that could end up costing thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements. Therefore, smart homeowners often make sure to hire professional plumbing services that could conduct maintenance inspections and other procedures.


A faulty plumbing system may cause some major health hazards for occupants of a home. For example, the water heater is actually a very dangerous appliance that could cause serious injuries. Old water heaters often have hard deposits that settle down in the bottom of the water storage tanks. This accumulation of hard material essentially blocks off the proper flow of water through the main output valve.

Tremendous pressure can build up inside a metallic tank that’s full of hot water. High temperatures can make the problem even worse by increasing the total internal pressure inside a water heater tank. An explosion is possible due to tremendous build up of pressure in a water heater. A plumbing professional can safely inspect an old water heater and take the appropriate actions to prevent any hazardous explosions. The tank can be drained and the pressure could be relieved. Additionally, old water heater tanks may release hazardous fumes during the combustion process. It’s important for a plumber to inspect the burner carefully and notice any unusual deposits of soot and other fire related by products.

A classic plumbing problem is a clogged drain in the kitchen or bathroom. Toilet bowls often get clogged because too much tissue is flushed. A professional plumber can easily remove the clogged material with a special device known as an auger. Such a “plumber’s snake” can get inside drains and physically remove anything that’s in the way. It’s especially important to clear up the U shaped drain that is located under any plumbing fixture including a bathtub, shower, toilet and sink. Provo Plumbers are examples of professionals that can unclog any drain.

A clog in one fixture may imply a bigger problem with the plumbing system of a home. The main drain pipe may be clogged with thick and bulky wastes. A cleanout opening can be accessed through the main drain pipe that’s usually located in the basement level of a residential property. Main drains are usually at least several inches in diameter so they can be cleaned manually with tools.

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