Simple Ways to Improve Your Home’s Kerb Appeal

High kerb appeal commands better prices for homes when it’s time to sell. Simple beautifying or maintenance tasks and minor improvements can be a big help. Experts agree on the importance of kerb appeal in adding value to a house. It creates a good first impression and represents the overall appearance of a home. Here are useful tips that will help your home put its best face forward.

Spruce up the front door

The entrance of your home is its focal point. Make a mark by painting your door with a bright colour or installing a custom-made door. One of the most popular doors types used today is composite doors, which are a great choice considering their style, colour and glass options. Composite doors from are eco-friendly and available in various designs. Make sure also that your doorknob is clean and polished.

Tidy up the garden

Don’t let a messy front garden turn a buyer off. Make sure the lawn is cut, the mulch is fresh, and the shrubs are pruned. Overgrown bushes are an eyesore as well. You can replace them with annuals or leafy plants. You can also create an instant garden using container plants that add a welcoming and colourful feel to your exterior. Ready-to-use containers are affordable and available in stores, but you can also make your own.

Replace worn roofing

A worn roof creates a bad impression and adds no value to your home. If your neighbours have new roofs, yours will be noticed easily. Ask about roof repairs or hire professional roof cleaners who have the right tools to do it efficiently.

Freshen the paint

Many homeowners think of a paint job to immediately improve kerb appeal. However, painting can be expensive and time consuming. What you can do is to match your existing paint by scraping off some and asking your painter to match it.

Glam your hardware

If your house number, mailbox, lock or light fixture is out of style, maybe it’s high time to replace them with upscale ones. If you don’t have the budget, you do not have to buy new ones but at least give them a face-lift by polishing or painting them. You can buy decorative numbers and address plaques from stores, and easily place them out front.

Add decorative fence panels

Enhance your garden using garden gates, arbors and attractive fence panels. Use short sections of panels because they are budget-friendly. You don’t have to hire a professional to install these, because stores now have easy-to-make kits that can be connected together. Blend them with your home by applying fresh paint.

Home improvements need not be expensive. When adding kerb appeal, it could be as simple as keeping your front garden clean and well maintained. Considering minor changes won’t hurt either, as there are many ways to dress up your facade without spending much.


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