Strategies In Light: Santa Clara’s LED Legacy

UntitledIt’s no secret that those of us who are big fans of LED are big fans of all things LED. We adore LED strip lighting, we love LED light bulbs and we can’t get enough of LED conferences. Yes, that’s right there are entire communities of people just like us; so passionate about LEDs that they dedicate conferences to them. Strategies in Light is one such conference and if you love LEDs then you should get to know more about what Strategies in Light is and why it matters. Having been running for fifteen years the conference is a pioneering force in the LED world, bringing together the industry’s brightest minds and best ideas. The conference is a mixture of non-commercial education, in depth discussion and collaborative innovation. A group of industry leaders, specialist experts, keynote speakers and all-round LED enthusiasts kick off the three-date conference in the USA. This first leg is held in Santa Clara, California and just in case you fellow LED-lovers are (or will be) planning on visiting yourselves, here is a quick guide to Santa Clara, California and its state-of-the-art convention centre:

Where:  Santa Clara Convention Center

                 5001 Great America Parkway                                                                         

                 Santa Clara, CA 95054

About Santa Clara:   

The city of Santa Clara sits in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley. The city was founded in 1777 and it was later incorporated in 1852. Lying within the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Clara is actually just 45 miles southeast of San Francisco itself. Once dependent on orchards and agriculture, Santa Clara grew rapidly in size and importance throughout the twentieth century as a result of its developing industry. As different trades, educational institutions and medical centres emerged and established themselves in the city its infrastructure grew until it became a vital part of Silicon Valley. Today, Santa Clara is well connected with its transport links thanks to having two train stations, a light rail system in the city, public bus services and three nearby airports (Mineta San Jose International Airport, San Francisco International Airport and Oakland International Airport). The city is fairly mild all year long and it doesn’t experience the same cool and foggy climate as nearby San Francisco which makes it a pleasant and easy destination whether your visit is for business or pleasure. The Convention Center is in the north of the city, surrounded by many key landmarks like the Levi Stadium; it is easily accessible by main routes and public transport alike

How to get there:

Santa Clara Convention Center is conveniently located amidst main transport routes in the city. There are good public transport links as well as easy access routes if you are driving yourself

To get there by car see here

To get there by public transport see here

To get there using the Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) light rail service see here

Where to stay:

There are plenty of accommodation options in Santa Clara, with every option from a comfortable motel to a high end hotel available. Depending on your needs, your transport options and your budget you will have different options to choose from. If you want to compare the room options available then see this comparison page

Where to eat:

There are more than enough eatery options to suit even the fussiest of taste buds. Whether you fancy digging into All-American barbecue at Andy’s BBQ or a quick bite of frozen yogurt at Pinkberry’s there is something for you, all within a stone’s throw of the convention centre. For a comprehensive list of different cuisines and venues nearby see here

What to see:

Theme parks, museums, libraries and the famous Californian coastline are all close enough to visit no matter how short your stay is. To see what you can squeeze in whilst visiting Strategies In Light look here

So there you have all the need-to-know information about Santa Clara; where to eat, where to sleep and how to get around. That means you’re ready to set off on your travels to the land of sun and surf so you can immerse yourself in the LED world. Now you know you can catch a few rays in Santa Clara’s Central Park between speakers or maybe you will end up being the one who comes up with “the next big thing” in LED lighting – who knows!? Whatever you do, if you are heading to Strategies in Light make sure you make the most of it because all things LED are the future.

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