Technologically Advanced Luxuries to Add to your Home

Security systems

Trending in home renovations are a lot of technological advances. This comes from people living busy lives and requiring the need to make some changes. Luxury inclusions in a home often add a convenience factor that saves time.

Security systemsModernizing older homes takes a bit of imagination and a lot of patience. Be ready for some dust, debris and setbacks. Modern conveniences don’t always agree with an older home. Expect rewiring to be required.

Radiant Heat Flooring

Radiant heat flooring is in high demand for bathrooms. The good thing about this flooring is that it also heats the whole room. It can help save on heating costs.

The controls can be via remote or wall panel. This allows homeowners to regulate the temperature and heat the floor before taking a shower or bath. It is ideal for bathrooms that are poorly heated. Many control panels can also be programmed to turn on at a specific time.

Smart Security

Security systems that can monitor indoor activity as well as windows, doors and perimeters are ideal. These systems can record specific areas around the home at a designated time. It is ideal to put at least one camera near bedroom windows.

Any entry point in the home should be monitored after dark. This will help you to see if anyone is lurking outside and alert you to contact the local police department. Silent alarms and alerts can be sent to you without the intruder knowing.

A smart security system has a variety of features such as facial recognition for higher technology systems and thumbprint detection. It can also tell when people are supposed to be in the home and can be set to turn on and off at specific times.

Technologies in security systems have changed greatly over the years.

Programmable Showers

This is the ultimate luxury for a home. Programmable showers have dozens of options. One of the most popular is a full-body jet system. Another popular inclusion is programmable temperatures.

These features make the shower experience unique for each member of the family. In more advanced systems, a stereo system can be integrated. Speakers can be installed in the ceiling area of the bathroom for a more relaxing shower experience.

These luxury showers can be a selling point for a home. It is one investment that most homeowners can expect a 100-percent return on their investment.

Other Programmable Features:

  • Timing jets with music
  • Spray pattern of the Jets
  • Timed shower settings
  • Program shower water to heat at a specific time of day

Intercom Systems

Racing from one end of the home to another just to answer a question may not seem practical. Intercom systems are the ideal solution that is also good for monitoring rooms occupied by children. Consider it to be a modern form of a baby monitor.

When you’re deciding what type of intercom system to purchase and what the process of installation entails, take time to browse These are convenient for interior and exterior use. Monitoring who is entering your property is another way to protect your family.

An intercom system in combination with a smart security system ensures absolute safety in and outside of your home.

Luxury items that are technologically advanced are in high-demand among homeowners. Upgrades add convenience in most cases. Families are busy and anything that can save a few minutes is a welcomed change.

Of course there are dozens of other technologically advanced luxuries to add to the home, these are the most practical. Some are also able to help save on energy bills while performing double duty. Technology makes homes for sale more desirable as well.


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