The Beginners Guide to Greenhouse

You have that urge to get out there and enjoy the sun and suddenly you constantly want to garden. You also probably have the tools to create the perfect garden that even the Queen is envious of! However, what’s a garden without its greenhouse. You may find this hard to believe that you really need a greenhouse but there are in fact many reasons to why a greenhouse is vital to having the best garden. This complete beginners guide to greenhouses has you covered and explains everything you need to know!

1, glass vs. plastic windows

Normally a greenhouse is required to use a transparent material to cover its entirety. This is typically glass, now don’t get me wrong glass can be good, but it also can be a bad choice. It’s temperamental and is very prone to breaking easily; this in a garden can spell trouble. With a greenhouse, it is exposed to the natural elements and also to factors which are out of your control, which can lead to breakage. Glass isn’t cheap, in fact, it’s quite expensive which is unfortunate as your only using it for a greenhouse. The expense can be avoided by making one change, using plastic as an alternative. It’s far more economically conservative as it doesn’t shatter like glass does, in fact, plastic is 17 times stronger than glass making it superior. Simply plastics offers a wide range of acrylics, which can be used for greenhouse windows.

2, Sunshine Location

You’ll need to ensure your greenhouse is in the prime position to catch the sunshine. Avoid areas with shade, people tend to place their greenhouses in the corner of their garden, but there is only sunshine there for a couple hours. So choose a position where there is guaranteed sunshine all day long.


3, Good Foundations

Make sure you have the right foundations. When you are thinking of how your greenhouse will be positioned you must bare in mind that you want it to be on a strong and stable base. This will ensure your greenhouse will survive the test of time and weather.

4, All Year Vegetable Gardens

With your greenhouse, you can grow all year round! This why investing on a greenhouse is a great idea. Just imagine the amount of vegetables you’ll be able to grow and eat all year round! Everyone will be jealous of your fresh homegrown veggies!

5, More Options When Growing

Having a greenhouse expands your growing horizons. You are able to grow anything you like all year round, this expands your options in terms of what you can grow and what you want to grow. Greenhouses don’t rely on the external climate as you can create a temperature you want within your greenhouse.  This alone can make gardening so much more enjoyable as you are able to grow exotic and interesting plants!

6, Seasonal Gardening

If you love gardening, then you know how seasonal it can be, which makes it frustrating, but that’s why a greenhouse is worth every penny, it makes it fun to garden again and eliminates the need for weather. This now allows you to gardening in the winter!


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