The Easiest Way to Keep Your Granite Worktop Clean

Granite worktops have been used for millennia – and for good reason. Not only is granite a hardy, strong stone that can withstand some serious abuse, granite is a beautiful and gracious material that lends itself to timeless elegance.


However, it’s important to understand what exactly granite is and how to take care of it in the proper way in order to make it last for a long time. Granite is strong but not indestructible; it’s beautiful but not without its flaws. Do you have a granite worktop? Then this one’s for you: here are the easiest ways to keep your granite worktop clean.


Granite worktops


Granite is a durable, hard stone found in nature – it has those properties because it was formed from volcanic magma. It can have different kinds of colours and patterns, and is found basically all over the world, though mostly in areas where, in history, there have been many active volcanoes. North America and other areas with mountain ranges are full of the natural stone.


Granite and its strengths


A granite worktop is a unique piece of art, simply because no two slabs of granite are alike – each has its own pattern in terms of colour and hues. Because there are so many options, it has become easy to choose the right one to fit into any décor. It’s a hard stone, and it’s a natural stone – a winning combination.


Granite and its weaknesses


However, granite also has a few weaknesses. It’s main one is that the stone is porous, meaning that liquid will, over time, seep into the stone and may do damage. It’s also important not to expose it to too much heat. Although it can handle the heat very well, granite, like any other material, will expand and this may cause cracks or chipping. Furthermore, it’s not resilient to corrosive materials (such as harsh cleaning products or acidic substances) so any spills should be cleaned up immediately.


Regular maintenance


Once a day – especially after use – clean your granite worktop with water, a mild soap and a soft fibre cloth. Do not use cleaning materials that are not manufacturer-recommended.

Seasonal upkeep


You should have your worktop resealed seasonally to ensure that the stone is protected from liquids, as recommended by granite worktop London specialists like J.R. Stone.


The main lesson you should take away from this is that your granite worktop is a valuable item that needs taking care of. Luckily, it’s very easy to do, and with a little bit of care your worktop can last for decades; it’s all a matter of putting in a little bit of work on a regular basis. Keep your worktop clean and have it resealed regularly, and your granite worktop is sure to last you for a lifetime. May its beauty and elegance shine on.



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