The Importance of Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

Living in a humid area like Orange Park air conditioning is a wonderful convenience to have. In fact, sometimes we take it for granted. However, when it stops working, we definitely take notice. Like any machine or motorized equipment, air conditioning units wear down over time. In fact, the average air conditioner becomes 5% less efficient every year. Regular yearly maintenance will help to keep your unit functioning at its best, saving you money and frustration over time. These are the top benefits of investing in regular air conditioning maintenance.

Regular Air Conditioning MaintenanceFewer Repair Costs

Maintenance costs are far cheaper than repair bills, so it just makes sense to have your unit checked annually to ensure all the parts are in tip top shape and that things are running smoothly. An A/C tune up involves a checking of the filters, leveling of Freon, looking for leaks and cleaning of coils. This quick process can save you tons of money over the long haul by increasing the life of your system.

Lower Electric Bill

Neglecting regular maintenance of your air conditioner causes it to work harder, leading to more energy being used to make it run. Of course, this increase in energy equals higher electric bills. Why pay more than you have to each month, in addition to driving your A/C unit into disrepair, when a quick call will have things running efficiently and save you money over time?

Maintain Your Warranty

Something you may not have considered is that in many cases a warranty on an appliance such as an air conditioning unit is only valid if a regular schedule of tune ups is adhered to. Imagine your frustration to learn that you have to pay out of pocket in the event of an air conditioner break down even though you thought you had an in-service warranty. Double check your paper work and be sure to schedule maintenance checks as required to ensure you warranty is not voided, costing you a fortune in repair costs.

As you can see, getting a technician to check out your A/C unit on a regular basis truly is necessary to save time, money and frustration.

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