Three Ways To Edit Your Closet

Over the course of a few years, it can be easy to accumulate a closet full of clutter. Every time you pick up an outfit at the department store, you have yet another thing to add to your wardrobe. Eventually, clothes become worn, fashion trends are altered and your waistline changes. Many times, these unused items are shoved to the back of the closet, causing clutter for no reason. You can edit your closet to help get rid of this clutter and make room for the new. In order to edit your closet, you will need to sort, purge and organize your belongings.


Before you can edit your wardrobe to make more room in your closet, you need to sort through your existing belongings. During this step, you will sort your clothes into two basic groups: keep and discard. The items that make it into the keep pile will go back into your closet. You have more options when it comes to the discard pile. Since you simply need to get rid of these clothes, you can either throw them away, donate them or sell them to a consignment shop.

To decide which clothes to keep, go through your closet and start pulling out clothes you know you wear. If you wear these pieces on a regular basis, you will probably continue wearing them throughout the rest of the season. Once you’ve pulled out the clothes you wear frequently, go through the rest of your closet and decide which of your infrequently used clothes might still be of use. This would include special occasion clothing for events that might not happen often but still are a part of your schedule. Everything that doesn’t make it into the keep pile gets placed into the discard pile

Now that you’ve sorted all of the clothes you’d like to keep, you need to decide what to do with the clothes in the discard pile. Anything that is unusable, such as clothing that has stains or holes, should be thrown away. Anything that is in good condition can either be donated or sold to a consignment shop. Put each piece of clothing in the appropriate pile so that the purging stage will be easier.


This is the step where you actually get rid of the clothes you’ve designated as consign, donate or trash. It can be very easy to start sorting clothes and then end up leaving them in storage. This causes clutter in other areas of your home, so to prevent this, place all of these items in a bag or storage box and label them with the appropriate destination. If you are donating or selling any of the items, do your research. Find a local charity or consignment shop that accepts used clothing and discover what their guidelines are. Prepare the clothing accordingly and load them into your car.


Now that you’ve gone through your clothes and purged your wardrobe of clutter, you’re ready to organize the items that you’re keeping. During this stage, hangars and shelves are very helpful. Hang up the appropriate clothing and use any shelving space for items that need to be folded. If you have a plethora of ties, scarves or belts, you can use a jewelry drawer organizer to keep them in order. Arrange your closet so there’s a space for everything. This will help keep you from accumulating more clutter in your closet.

Written by Bonnie at Lovely Jewelry Organizers. Bonnie has been a designer of organizational spaces for 14 years. She has designed commercial as well as residential offices, media centers, closets, pantries and more.

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