Top 4 Ways to Use Street Light Pole Banners

UntitledStreet lights are seen all around, and thanks to its excessive existence, new uses for them have also been created, lamp post banners being the prime of them. They can be used in many ways like artwork, advertising, city dressing, entertainment, indications or promotion. Light pole banners are perfect for adding a special look and a new flare to the city, and while they are often found on the outside of big companies for the promotion of an upcoming sale or a new product, they can also be used to create a buzz for an upcoming business.


The uses of these pole banners are only limited by your imagination. But there are some best ways you can exploit these growing resources.

1.  Artwork

Each city has its own flare and own look, and a city with beautiful art all around is surely a treat for the eyes even if it is on the street lights. Nowadays, cities can get custom made banners to decorate their streets with all sorts of art in it. You can even get them made based on a special event coming up like an important match or a big day celebrated and honored by that particular city. The most recent example is Seattle. Before Seattle Seahawks won the Superbowl, the city was strewn with banners. The flag banners are also used to celebrate and welcome the New Year.

2.  Advertising 

Companies are based on how much the crowds know and appreciate them. And street banners are a great way to get more recognition to your business. The more the people have a new product in their vicinity, their constant vision, the more likely they will remember the product on a conscious or a subconscious level. Upcoming promotions or even a brief description can be given by both small and big businesses.

3.  Entertainment

The entertainment industries largely depend on visibility. The most common advertisement banners in the city are of movies, theatres, and art galleries. With the dining and fast food industry growing by leaps and bounds, the competition is tough, and hence restaurants try and gain maximum visibility too. Even zoos and museums use lamp post signs to announce new arrivals of animals or the opening of a new exhibit.

4.  School Spirit 

College campuses and universities use their unique themes to instill the spirit of unity, equality, and learning in students. The more practical use of the banners in the schools and colleges are usually the location of departments and lecture halls, or indication of different groups and houses. Different colored flags can indicate special events or promote an upcoming event or gathering on campus as well.

A lot of other areas can be explored to gain the optimum use out of this necessity turned into something more. There is no saying how much more can be achieved and accomplished with the help of a little creativity, wide imagination, and of course your strong interest to come up with some unique idea.

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Smith teaches a number of ways to either promote your idea or make a statement. Of those, street flag banners are the simplest and yet effective ones which can always be adopted to implant that desire in minds of the customers.

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