Top Tips for Building an Extension

Tips for Building an Extension

To kick start the new year, you’ve made the decision to build an extension. This is by no means an easy task. The process is lengthy, disruptive and will no doubt cause you to lose a lot of sleep. Now, we won’t be there to hold your hand, but we have produced our all-time top tips for a stress free home renovation:

Tips for Building an Extension

Regulate, regulate, regulate

You may be a budding interior designer, a budding architect, a budding artist even, but when it comes to building an extension on your home, that artistic talent is likely to be heavily restricted by rules and regulations. Planning permission is needed if you want to go:

  • 3m beyond the original wall, and 4m high for a terraced or semi-detached house
  • 4m beyond the original wall and 4m high for a detached house

Disclaimer: figures correct as of time of writing

If you need planning permission (which you’re more than likely to) don’t see it as a negative. The outcome may be that you are restricted, but accept the challenge when designing your property makeover and consider the extra value you’re bringing to the property.

‘Buy Low, Sell High’

The fact that you are reading this blog suggests that you are fully aware that one of the best ways to make money on the property market is to increase the value of your property. It is important to bear this in mind at all times when designing your property.

Think about: single or double story? Is there an option to create an en-suite? Options like this don’t cost much more when building, but add a great deal to the value of the property when selling.

Get the Technical Details Right

More and more people these days are clued up on the technicalities of how their house is built. Things like double glazing, insulation make homes significantly warmer; therefore for those energy savvy folk on the housing market, good insulation is a must.

As a person who has probably never had to think about this, I’m sure you’re wondering what is cavity wall insulation? Should I really choose loft insulation over that front door I’ve always dreamed of? The answer is yes. It might be that your house already has loft or cavity wall insulation (have a look here for a guide on how to check), which means that you’ll only have to think about it for your extension – but it is a worthwhile investment for the whole property if you’re thinking of putting it on the market.

Disruption is temporary

No matter what type of extension you are building, it is likely to disrupt your life in some way. Having to climb through a window instead of using the front door, having to sleep in the lounge for a week – whatever it is that you have to put up with, just remember 1) it isn’t forever and 2) it’ll be worth it!

Don’t get too stressed!

Building an extension is a stressful process. It can put pressure on relationships, work and family life. Don’t let the stress get to you – remember what you’re doing is exciting – enjoy it!

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