Transform Your Bedroom Into A Therapeutic Haven With These 5 Scents

Ever walked into a house and almost passed out due to the funk? Well, scientifically, the sense of smell is so heightened as it goes straight to the memory after we have experienced it. They say that you are 100 times more likely to remember something you smelt than what you touched, tasted, or even heard. Powerful, no?

If there is one part of the house you want to smell delicious, it is the bedroom. After a long day of running around and testing your patience and brain in meetings, you want nothing short of peace and relaxation. Tell you what, getting your little sanctuary to smell heavenly is easier than looking up the names of ICBC lawyers online. You just need a few sweet-smelling oils to turn the place into little heaven.

Therapeutic Oils For Your Bedroom

  • Potpourri For Stress-Free Evenings

Have flowers that are about to wither? Well, you can put the petals to good use even after all their glory has vanished. You will only need to harvest your petals in a bowl and then add a few (about 8) drops of essential oil in them. The choice of essential oil will be yours entirely, depending on what you plan to achieve. Citrus smells fresh while chamomile uplifts your soul. Soak your flowers in that oil in a glass jar and enjoy the scent for days.

  • Chamomile For A Calm Spirit

Chamomile comes close to being a miracle worker in its ability to heal the soul. Depressive thoughts that could easily take over you after an unproductive day can go away with a few sniffs of this therapeutic scent. This essential oil lifts the spirit and rejuvenates you physically, effectively replacing sadness with a happy feeling. That aside, the German chamomile has been said to reduce blood pressure in adults. Talk of killing two birds with one stone.

  • Romantic Jasmine

Jasmine essential oil is derived from flowers as you can tell from its scent. It has for the longest time been associated with love and romance, and it lives up to that in its bewitching scent. The love part comes from its uplifting trait, where it makes you feel alive and simply happy. These happy moments lead to poetic and romantic arousals.

That aside, Jasmine heals a depressed mind, so you want to walk into a room infused with some of this oil after a long day.

  • Lavender For Insomnia

If you suffer from insomnia, you want to try anything to help you drift into la la land easily. Lavender has no adverse effect on the body and mind, and it works like a charm. Insomniacs have significantly benefited from this essential oil, a fact that is proven by a study carried out on patients who had their regular sleeping aids replaced with lavender. You can pour out a few drops on your pillow or infuse it for a pleasant aroma and relaxed mind.

  • Delicate Ylang-Ylang

Ylang-Ylang is not the strongest smelling essential oil, yet it makes a component of most products in the beauty industry. This oil is identified for its calming abilities that help fight depression and drive away anxiety and sadness.

While you can make the potpourri at home, the rest are store bought. You would also need a diffuser to turn them into delicious vapor. So, go ahead and change the scent of your bedroom already!

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