Useful Features Of The Acorn Straight Stair Lifts Which Make The Product Worth A Try


Stair lifts are generally suitable for the aged people who have joint problems and cannot step up the stairs as fast as youngsters. The purpose of a stair lift is to remove the problem and physical stress caused due to frequent up and down on the stairs. The Acorn straight stair lift comes with many features such as paddle controls, safety belts, lockable swivel seats to name among many such features.

With the help of paddle switches which are fixed at the end of each arm, one can control the direction of the stair lift. The paddles can be operated easily by anyone even if he is weak or not agile due to some reasons. Another such feature which makes the life easier is remote controls. There are two remote control sets available and you can choose any of them according to your needs and suitability. With these remotes, you can control the staircase even when you are not on them. The control of the remote is on both the top and bottom of the stairs which means that you need not to walk up the stair. You can bring the lift near you by using the remote control at your side.

Safety belts are also an important feature of the Acorn Straight Stair lift. These belts are one of the safety measures taken by the developers to make sure that while on the stair lift you do not accidentally fall or lose the balance. These belts resemble more or less to the lap belts given in the cars for the safety of the passenger. They also perform more or less the same function. The last but definitely not the least important feature of these stair lifts is swivel belts. These belts allow the user to safely step onto the stair lift as well as step down from it once it has reached his destination without twisting the body. The seat also locks into position which implies that it will be still when you are stepping on or getting down on the stair lift thus ensuring maximum safety for you.

If you are having some kind of problem in getting up and down on the stairs or if a friend, a loved one or any person you know is suffering through this issue then suggest him a stair lift. Often people think that such technology might be highly priced and here they make mistake. You can get it installed at affordable prices if you carry out a proper research regarding the types, price and suitability before getting it installed in your household.

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