Using Pinterest when remodelling on a budget

We live in a fantastic time where information is literally at our fingertips at any moment. With the transition from computers to phones and tablets we can explore the world on the move from anywhere. This gives us the ideal opportunity to gather information in our down time or travelling time. We can store this and build up a budget worthy collection of ideas for almost anything.
This is super helpful when you are trying to update your home interior and are on a budget. Lets face it, almost everyone is restricted by some kind of budget. I remember an estate agent telling me while looking at a house that even people with £5 million budgets want something better or more for their money. This is the same for home ideas and inspiration. With the advent of Pinterest way back in 2010 there was a new kid on the interior design block. And we think it’s really worth using for design inspiration and the budget conscious amongst us. Take a look at this article here, which outlines a ton of remodelling ideas all on a budget 
Finding interior companies on Pinterest
It takes a moment to get the hang of using the board style pins which Pinterest employs. Once you have signed in with a new account or existing account simply type in the subject you are after. For example if you want bathroom mirror ideas type that in. When the pins appear, simply click the people button. Any people or companies who’s name contains bathroom mirror will be listed. This is a great way to locate companies directly and see what they are doing and pinning. Here’s an example of a budget company listing on Pinterest. 
You can of course look through all of the boards rather than directly at companies. Boards (or pins) are a brilliant way to grab up to date research ideas for your project. It’s hard to imagine how many ideas there are, but the more you search the more you will find. Most of the pins will link off to a website page where you can get more information as well as the contact details for the company or product you are viewing.
More advanced use of Pinterest for home improvements
Once you get the hang of using Pinterest more, you can start to set up your own boards and create the text to with the pins you are saving. Beware, it can start to get a bit out of hand at this point, so be organised! This becomes such an essential tool for home updates that it’s hard to imagine doing the job without using pins anymore. The idea closely follows mood boards, which interior designers have used for many years. It allows the client and the designer to get a good idea of the mood they are trying to create. It defines a style and common ground for ideas. Mood boards also let you see how ideas can evolve into something workable for your home. Keeping in mind a budget also helps, as you can figure out which products look similar to the high end ones we all yearn after.
Once you are up and running with boards and pins, it helps to re-pin other people’s ideas to your boards. There are some giant groups following concepts like interior design  so it can be really helpful to have a really thorough look around.


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