Vital FAQs about Athletic Artificial Grass

Get to know important information about athletic artificial grass.

Many schools, athletic facilities, and sports club are using artificial grass as a cost-effective surface material for athletic fields. It is being used as a sports field for soccer, football, baseball, and even field hockey. It can also be used to create putting greens and golf courses. Whether you’re a coach, school director, or club manager, you might be thinking about doing the same thing.

But if you’re new to athletic synthetic turf, you might have a few questions about the product. For example, is it safe for the athletes? How often do you need to replace the turf? Can it be used in the rain? The bottom line is that many consumers want to make sure that athletic-grade artificial turf is worth the investment. In an effort to shed some light on the issue, Artificial Turf Supply offers answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about athletic artificial grass.

Is artificial grass safe for athletes? Safety is a major concern for athletes, coaches, parents, and facility directors. Fortunately, athletic synthetic grass has been designed with safety in mind. According to many studies, fake grass is a safer playing surface than natural turf. It has been shown to reduce athletic injuries by 40 percent. It’s made by leading artificial grass suppliersto be soft and forgiving, while providing players with the perfect surface required for the sport.

How often do you need to replace the turf? This is an important question, especially for schools, facilities, and sports teams which are often on tight budgets. The good news is that synthetic turf doesn’t have to be replaced that often. While natural grass turf requires replacement and/or recovery maintenance every season, synthetic turf does not need to be replace or restored for eight years. This means that the turf can withstand heavy wear and tear for nearly a decade. Heavy wear and tear includes around the clock playing and practice time. It also includes outdoor elements, such as rain and heat. Since synthetic turf doesn’t need to be replaced or repaired very often, it helps you save time and money.

Does athletic artificial grass require infill? It depends on the type of product you buy. There are many different types of athletic synthetic grass; some require infill while others do not. The type you purchase will depend on the sport. Artificial Turf Supply offers over six types of products, many of which require crumb rubber infill. It’s important to talk with your manufacturer to find the right type of athletic turf for your needs and budget.

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