What Does a Landscape Architect Do? (& are they worth hiring)

If you’re looking to design an outdoor space then you might be looking into a landscape architect. A landscape architect is exactly what it sounds like. These landscape architects specialize in designing any type of outdoor space. This is a great option for anyone looking to get any outdoor space designed by a professional. Landscape architects do everything from the initial planning, designing, choosing materials, and then the actual process of getting it all put together. Landscape architects are a one-stop-shop for all of your outdoor designing needs. Let’s look more into the landscape architect position to see if it’s the right fit for your needs.

What Should I Expect From A Landscape Architect?

When hiring a landscape architect there is a lot to expect from them as they will be the main person helping you through the whole job. We’re going to go through the process of what you should expect when hiring a landscape architect starting with the beginning to the end of your landscaping project.


First off, a landscape architect’s first job when hired or looking to hire is to do an analysis of the property. This is very important because this gives the architect a visual of your property and therefore they can start to see your vision come to life. Next, the landscape architect will have you walk through your gardening plans with them. Figuring out where you want flowers or gardens is the first step so that the architect knows how much more open space they have to work with for your project.


Next is the bulk of the project on your part. Designing the landscape can take some time and trial and error but ultimately this is up to the property owner with the help of a landscape architect to make sure all things are possible. It’s best to come up with three different plans to run by your landscape architect so you have options and can determine which is best for your area.


Let’s say you’re working with our landscaping company in RI. The landscape architect in Rhode Island then takes everything that you’ve told them and they come up with three plans for your landscape. These are visual plans that lay out the way your landscape will look before you get to doing anything. This is the time to make any changes or any other detailed adjustments so you are given exactly what you want to be done with your landscape.


The next thing that should be done is the paperwork. Typically paperwork is provided for every aspect of the landscape process. Then the construction can begin. The landscape architect handles everything between them and the contractors that will do the work. As the property manager, you will not be expected to do anything else except watch your vision come to life. The final inspection is the last step of this process that’s done by the landscape architect. They’ll look at the finished project to ensure that it matches the vision that you wanted as well as the layout that they gave them.


Landscape architects do everything from the initial planning to the inspection at the end so that you can just enjoy your new landscape without stress. Landscape architects are all in one for all of your landscaping needs when it comes to designing outdoor space and getting it from a simple plan into an actual completed project.

When Should A Landscape Architect Be Used?

Typically a landscape architect is used for larger projects such as parks, playgrounds, campuses, trails, plazas, and residences. This doesn’t mean that you can’t hire them for your home needs though. The good thing about using a landscape architect is that they are very knowledgeable in their field and they can do all the designing process for your front yard, back yard, or any other area of your home. Landscape architects are also best for homeowners who are experiencing some sort of problem within their landscape like drainage issues because these architects are great at reconfiguring your landscape to ensure that everything is running smoothly. Whether you’re planning a new playground area at the park or if you’re looking to revamp your backyard into the best bonfire pit hang-out area possible, landscape architects can do it all.

Are Landscape Designers Worth It?

Overall, landscape designers/architects are worth it for homeowners who might not know where to start with their landscape or if they are looking to completely transform the area. They are also worth it for those who need help transforming larger areas into playgrounds, residences, or any other community project. If you’re a homeowner looking to see if hiring a landscape architect is worth it then you should consider what the architect will do for you. Landscape architects can completely transform your outdoor area and they take care of everything from planning to the last inspection of the area. Homeowners can also see an increase in home value if their outdoor yard areas are done by a landscape architect. It’s important to remember that it is hard to estimate a price on how much a typical person will pay a landscape architect. This is because each project is completely customized and priced custom as well. If you’re looking for an estimate to see if it’s worth hiring a landscape architect then you can contact your local architect to do a property analysis and see how much it would be for your ideas.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately landscape architects are a great option for anyone looking to transform any outdoor space. Landscape architects tend to see things that we can’t when planning a landscape area. They are great for figuring out the best use of your space whether that’s installing a playground set, fire pit, or just updating your vegetation and garden areas. The great thing about landscape architects is that they take care of everything from the planning, to putting together the project, and also the last inspection and paperwork. Landscape architects are great for anyone looking to design any outdoor space whether that be your backyard, playground, park, trails, or any other outdoor area. Call your local landscape designer to have them do a property analysis and get started with designing as soon as possible.

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