Why Hire a Designer for Your Kitchen Remodel?

One of the best parts of being a homeowner is being able to custom tailor your property and your home to your specific wants and needs. For a lot of homeowners this also means taking on do-it-yourself projects to add value to your home while saving costs. However, even handy homeowners can get in over their head on different projects because of the multitude of specialties required to complete certain projects. One such project that can often take the expertise of over many different professionals is the kitchen remodel. 

Kitchen RemodelA Multifaceted Project

With many home do-it-yourself projects plans can be laid, materials purchased and expertise gained during the process for a capable handy person. Doing small projects such as re-flooring a side entrance, repainting the children’s bedrooms or even adding a second bathroom can often be a rewarding project. Yet when it comes to the kitchen—the room where a family spends the majority of their time and has multiple aspects in design and construction—hiring a designer can save you from a big headache.

When you think about all the aspects included in a kitchen remodel project they can become overwhelming for even the most experienced do-it-yourselfer. Spatial planning and deciding on materials and appliances can provide a host of challenges. Often people who decide to remodel their kitchen on their own improperly plan out the space, resulting in awkward or too little counter space. Worse, some homeowners find themselves with crossed electrical wiring, improper plumbing, or cabinets that are too large, too small, or simply mismatched.

With so many ways for a remodeling project to go wrong, it is often better to get advice from a professional designer.

The Designer

Certified kitchen designers are trained professionals in the construction or design. These designers provide expert consultation and help you properly map out your kitchen space. Such designers can provide expert advice while working with you to make your needs realistic to your space.

From cabinetry, appliances, surface finishing and painting, flooring and tiling, a professional gives you a designer’s perspective when you need it most. Designers can also work within a client’s budget and provide multiple options in materials to meet need. Most often the savings you receive in hiring a designer pays for the service itself.

Interviewing the Designer

Construction and design contractors, as in every profession, come with varying levels of expertise and pricing. In order to choose a professional that can meet your specific targets and needs, an interview should be conducted. It does not have to be complex and can simply include a physical meeting where you ask 5 to 10 questions about the designer, their thoughts and your specific project. At the end of this meeting you can set the terms for the project and see if they will meet them.

A proper kitchen designer will know everything about design including the right choices for your home’s kitchen cabinets down to and including color palette choices. The kitchen is the one area of the home that should not fall prey to a do-it-yourself disaster. Before you take on such a large project ensure it can be completed on time, to your specifications and within budget.

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